Saturday, June 25, 2011

you need a tissue for yo issue?

I'm having some issues this summer.

Issue #1: I am getting terribly inspired by all the goodness of Summer style. All I want to do is put on a cute little summer giddy-up everyday. ...But the reality is... when you get up every morning to go and entertain a 7 year old everyday... and at night you dress yourself in your baseball concession stand best. ( shoes.) there's not too much time left for...stylin'.

Issue #2: I'm itching to shop. shop. shop!

Issue #3: no time to dress cute... thus, no outfits to blog about.

But here's a 50 cent garage sale Amish skirt.. turned summer dress. It also transforms into a cute strapless top...and a short high waist bubble skirt. Via buttons sewed onto the inside of the skirt... and slits cute into the bottom. Yeah, I'm genius.

So the answer to the above question: why yes. yes I would like a tissue.

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