Thursday, April 14, 2011

I feel good! na na na na na.

I didn't know that I would.. I have joined the Shine Project with Ashley! On her blog, she has weekly SHINE projects to make a difference in the world. One step at a time. This week's challenge was to pick an old challenge and DO IT! Great time to jump in, huh?? So I did. I kept reading about how much she was doing. She kept saying how good you would feel after you just went out there and did it! I knew I would. But I just needed that extra push. Just a couple days ago, Ashley talked about fear. Fear holds us back from doing things. We fear that we don't have the right abilities and that we aren't good enough to make a real difference. We fear people and what they will think of us. There are so many things that hold us back from doing good.

Lately, I've been thinking about failures. I fail ALOT. It brings me down. How come I can't ever do anything right? How come I can't just succeed for ONCE with flying colors? How come.. how ever hard I try... I still. fail. Ladies and Gentleman... That is ME bringing MYSELF down. I fear failure. I think everybody does. We neglect seeing our successes because our failures seem so much larger. But I have news for you. and me... YOU ARE GOING TO FAIL. You are you going to fall flat on your face and wonder how/when you are going to get up. We will never be 100% perfect and successful. I believe God set obstacles/failures in our path to make us appreciate and be thankful for our successes in life. Do we spend more time thinking about our failures..or our success? Don't be afraid to fail. Failure is what we learn from.

So moving on from my little speech...

I cleaned out my closet!! And it felt good. real good. I had so many old clothes just sitting there. Why not give them to some child who needs them a whole lot more than my dusty old closet rack. So with these little piles of clothes...

Photobucket I will begin to fear less and DO MORE! This little donation might just be the ray of sunshine some little girl needs.


I never posted about my weekly shine challenges because.. I don't like talking about myself. I don't like talking about my successes..or the good things about myself. I have realized that I, by not sharing them, am holding back my SHINE. I need to start acknowledging the good things about myself. I will start accepting my failures and the things I can not change. I will learn from them and let the GOOD I have.. SHINE! I will be my biggest cheerleader instead of biggest critic. I highly encourage you to do the same! :)

Photobucket And this..this.. is what you call a lot more closet space. :p

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