Saturday, March 5, 2011

I wanna SHINE.

Recognize this girl from my sidebar?!
Of course you do! How couldn't you remember that breathtaking beauty??
Well. This girl has a name. Ashley.
And boy oh boy can she shine.
Over at her blog she's giving us all a lesson on how
we can all shine in our own way!
Have you ever thought
"Hey, I'd like to do that one day..."
Unless your an alien from mars. you have.
Have you ever said to yourself...
"I can do it and I'll start soon."
Of course you have.
But let's face the reality of it.
We become busy and our ambition starts to fade
and we are 90% "I can't do that." and 10% "eh, I think I can."
Ashley is challenging us to change our
"I think I can."
"I know I will."
"I'd like to be."
"I am."
It's that little change in your thinking and believing in yourself that will spark something inside you. And before you know it.
You'll SHINE.
So what a better reminder to shine..
than to have the reminder hanging around your neck!
Cute huh?!
This is just ONE of the options of SHINE necklaces that Ashley sells over at her blog!
(It's my favorite! Hence the pearl.)
Run! Hurry! Skat! on over here to learn more about SHINE necklaces and how your purchase can help someone else!! :)
Okay kiddos.
Go let the world see you Shine!
(Both pictures are from Ashley's blog (

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  1. darbey, first of all,i seriously want your name. I came over to tell you go ahed and post about it! and much to my pleasant suprise you already have :) love it!!!! youre awesome girrrl!