Thursday, March 3, 2011

How do I feel about red lipstick?


I'd say good.
to....uh....very good. :)

Hope those multiple pictures of me with that red gunk on my face made your day a teeeeny bit better! :) If not that...maybe the background of pillows will.

And my awkward & Awesome day is summed up with this: Webcam pictures of me & red lipstick. weird. Bonus Awkward points: Having to kiss my hand upside down for 2 pics. Hopefully no one saw the red lip prints left on my hand at school today.... they might start to think I'm a creepy loner girl who likes to kiss her own hand. Awkward.

oh. and the Lipstick I wore is Estee Lauder - Fig and the lipliner is Mary Kay - Neutral .

And yes. My technological genius self figured out how to make my pictures bigger.
I am a nerd. Please tell me we can still be friends.


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