Thursday, March 17, 2011

You better love me..

cause I'm hookin' you kids up TWICE in one day with some too-stinkin-cute Giveaways!

Remember this chick Ashley?? From the Shine Project! Well she's having a whole WEEK of giveaways! :)
Collective WOOOO HOOOOO please? :)
Hop on over to her blog to check out what you can win EVERY DAY!

P.S. She was supposed to have jury duty on her Spring Break (which she was planning on going to Mexico!) She had a very positive look on it and guess what!!... She got out of Jury Duty and as we speak she is probably in a lounger soakin' up some Mexico sunnn!!

Good things happen to good people! :) Be positive.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Check it out.

Miss Hayley over at Cheap Girl in a Chic World is having her first ever GIVEAWAY! :) Everybody loves a good giveaway righttt???? She's giving away some of her adorable handmade goodies! You gotta go check 'em out and give her blog some loooovvvveeee.

This is her. Isn't she so cute and happy? :)

Click here to go directly to her giveaway post!

Have a wubley sunshiney day my pretties!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Gunpowder and Lace

Top: Max Azria; Lace Skirt, Necklace, & Bracelet: Forever 21; Tights: Target; Shoes: Candie's @Kohl's




My search is over ladies. I found them. The perfect pair of Nude heels. The shoppers at Kohl's will vouge for me when I say... I shrieked when I found them. Love at first sight. Do you ever feel like when you shop... you need all your bloggy friends with you to share in the excitement? Please say yes. Because if not... this {cyber}friendship can't go on.
So to accompany my new, nude "kicks"... I got a creme lace skirt at the oh-so-loved-Forever21! And you know this girl couldn't of came home with no new fake pearls. Check it girls! My new pearl charm bracelet! ahhhhh!! :) I'm in love.
So yeah. I've got some pretty fun posts to do this week with getting ready for the cruise and all... let's just say Farrah Fawcett/70's. Oh yeah.
Oh and ya know the song Gunpowder and Lead by Miranda Lambert? Yeah... Mom never quite got the lyrics right... so I bring you Gunpowder and lace. :)

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sweet Deals!

I'm getting ready to shop til I drop to bring in the spring! :)
My excuse is to say that I need some Cruise clothes for spring break! Which is true.. but this girl is having some withdrawls. Shopping withdrawls. I need spring clothes and I need 'em now.
So this cheap girl is searchin' for some deals!
Check out this adorable romper from Forever 21!

Strapless Eyelet Romper

Easy to wear warm weather style doesn't get any cuter. This balmy romper features an embroidered scalloped hem with eyelet accents and a smocked waist. Elasticized bustline. Strapless. Lightweight. Woven. Unlined.

25" length from high point bust to hem, 27" chest, 25" waist, 14" outseam, 2" inseam, 12" rise, 26" thigh, 26" leg opening - Measured from Small - 100% rayon - Machine wash cold, tumble dry normal
- Imported
Product code : 2058634974

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Spring Lovin'.

Click here if you want to fall in love.
I was gonna post pics of my faves.
...But they were all too cute, springy, and cheery...that I couldn't limit myself.
So you just go on in and do yourself some loooovvvveeee shoppin'.

Monday, March 7, 2011

It's a monday.

(Top, Jeans, & Shoes: Target; Necklace: Borrowed!)



I had a pretty good Monday. Every other monday our school starts an hour later. Today was a late start day and with no basketball practice after school anymore...I've finally got to experience a normal student's coming home after school to milk and cookies. Well, I came home after school...but no milk and cookies were awaiting me. And it was a little colder than I remember it being this morning. So I headed out into the chilly weather to give you outfit pictures for the day. It was a comfy outfit day. I left the door open while taking pictures and Roxie-the-cat snuck in. And, well, she out ran me all the way to the basement. So I, being cat smart, went to grab the food tub, stood at the top of the stairs, and shook. But I, being logically stupid, forgot to close the lid. My kitchen got a full coating of cat food.* ick. Did I mention I hate the smell of cat food? I hate cat food in general. gross. SO unglamourous. ....Even my bright, mixmatched hair-ties and unpainted toes agree.
* Mom, if you're reading this... don't worry. I cleaned it up. :)

Sunday, March 6, 2011


(Papaya Dress: J. Crew, Flannel pearl snap: Target, Shoes: gift, Pearl earrings: borrowed)
Photobucket Photobucket
Photobucket Photobucket
My papaya... looks kinda the pictures.. today. I mean, I like how the outfit turned out. But come on camera! keep up!! I think there was just too much of a shadow on the deck. :( This is my brides maid dress that I wore for my sister's wedding! I love it! It's so cute and spring happy! Hopefully you'll get to see the top of the dress another day. Today I just rolled up my flannel button up and tied the thick tie (came with the dress) around my waist. Making high waisted skirts out of dresses is my new favorite thing! In other news, I guess you figured out that my pictures are bigger. And I am pre-t-t-y excited about it. Yay for google! I'm trying to keep my blog updated and changing so that it's never boring around here. Feel free to comment with requests & your opinions on my blog layout. What would you like to see more of? Less of? Different? What do you like? Would you like to see more fashion? Beauty? I'm just trying to please my people, people.
I guess you could call me a Papaya wearing people pleaser. Try sayin' that 5 times fast. ;)

Saturday, March 5, 2011

I wanna SHINE.

Recognize this girl from my sidebar?!
Of course you do! How couldn't you remember that breathtaking beauty??
Well. This girl has a name. Ashley.
And boy oh boy can she shine.
Over at her blog she's giving us all a lesson on how
we can all shine in our own way!
Have you ever thought
"Hey, I'd like to do that one day..."
Unless your an alien from mars. you have.
Have you ever said to yourself...
"I can do it and I'll start soon."
Of course you have.
But let's face the reality of it.
We become busy and our ambition starts to fade
and we are 90% "I can't do that." and 10% "eh, I think I can."
Ashley is challenging us to change our
"I think I can."
"I know I will."
"I'd like to be."
"I am."
It's that little change in your thinking and believing in yourself that will spark something inside you. And before you know it.
You'll SHINE.
So what a better reminder to shine..
than to have the reminder hanging around your neck!
Cute huh?!
This is just ONE of the options of SHINE necklaces that Ashley sells over at her blog!
(It's my favorite! Hence the pearl.)
Run! Hurry! Skat! on over here to learn more about SHINE necklaces and how your purchase can help someone else!! :)
Okay kiddos.
Go let the world see you Shine!
(Both pictures are from Ashley's blog (

Thursday, March 3, 2011

How do I feel about red lipstick?


I'd say good.
to....uh....very good. :)

Hope those multiple pictures of me with that red gunk on my face made your day a teeeeny bit better! :) If not that...maybe the background of pillows will.

And my awkward & Awesome day is summed up with this: Webcam pictures of me & red lipstick. weird. Bonus Awkward points: Having to kiss my hand upside down for 2 pics. Hopefully no one saw the red lip prints left on my hand at school today.... they might start to think I'm a creepy loner girl who likes to kiss her own hand. Awkward.

oh. and the Lipstick I wore is Estee Lauder - Fig and the lipliner is Mary Kay - Neutral .

And yes. My technological genius self figured out how to make my pictures bigger.
I am a nerd. Please tell me we can still be friends.


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Calling all techies.

I need your help. Yes, that means YOU!
Question: How do I make my pictures bigger?
Seems elementary, I know. But I've tried choosing the large option, click&drag enlarge, and enlarging the size through editing... NOTHING. It is quite frustrating.
So if you got anything up there in that cranium of yours... help a sista out!!
(If not for me... do it for that sweet little puppy dog face up there.)