Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Ultimate Trio & Awksome Thursday!

Hey gals. Before I begin with a fun little review... I must apologize for my absence. :( I haven't blogged in a week! A WEEK! eeeekkk! (catch the rhyme?!) I've been very busy with the end of my basketball season so next week I should be rollin' out the posts! Yay! Okay, on to the review!
(Stick around for my Awkward & Awesome Thursday!)
Wayyy back in my August favorites I talked about two Loreal Carbon Black Liners. Loreal Lineur Intense Felt Tip Liquid Liner & Loreal Liquid Pencil Liner. Both of which I have since repurchased and LOVE! In that same post I mentioned my favorite mascara. Loreal Voluminous. Another love! When I was at the store because I need new liner and mascara. I was all wiped out. So I knew I was going to get my two trusty liners and my mascara. Little did I know that Loreal has a Carbon Black Voluminous mascara! Eeeeppp!! :) So I stocked up.
This trio is amazing. I use it every single day and it never fails me. Loreal, you should probably come out with a package deal. You'd be makin' mega bucks. You could call it Black like Carbon. At least that's what I would call it. :)
I got sissy hooked on the mascara and mom hooked on the pencil liner.
Still haven't won anybody on the liquid liner. I don't know why... but people run from liquid eyeliner. It's like they're a little kid and the liner is spinach. Not a good analogy? Okay then, moving on.

Tell me that black & gold packaging is not adorables! ah. I loves it.

I use the liquid eyeliner on my top lash line and it is so so quick and simple. It's not a hassle or messy like you would think. It's a deep dark black that stays on for a very long period of time and doesn't smear or budge.

Best pencil liner I have used to date. So creamy and smooth. I seriously have to apply zero pressure to my waterline and shabam! It's a miracle worker! I don't know about you... but scratchy and rough pencil liners don't work for me.

This mascara is amazing for my lashes. It lengthens and volumizes. It seems to be a more wet mascara like Maybelline's Falsies mascara. Another big hit lately. Some people don't like that but it really is your best bet on getting those long lashes that everyone wants! A little trick: Pull out the wand and blow on it or set it out for a couple seconds before applying! It makes it not so wet and a little more stickier so it holds the curl of your lashes better!

(Please ignore that disgusting pile of goop on the inside of my eye. gross.)

I applied all three to show you the magic!

Well, I'm sold. Are you?
Drum roll please....
Awkward & Awesome Thursday!!
(Come on, you know that's the only reason you're reading this.)


- Waking up at 7 (6:30 alarm=snoooooze) and all the lights off in the house. Go into M&D's room to see if they're awake. Nata. "Mom...gonna get up for the day??" Insert 3 feet jump out of the bed coming from the madre. :)
- My spanish teacher getting a mouthful of my friend's hair in his mouth. His face=priceless.
-Talking back to the intercom at school.
Goes as follows:

Girl in Pearls walking down hallway in mob of High School students...
Intercom: "No games tonight due to weather. There will be practice after school."
Me: "No!! ...ughh..why do we have practice? So not fair..." (and other ramblings...)
Dude walking next to me: Blank stare. "Are you talking to me?"
Me: "Uhm, I'm not sure."
So do I say.. "Why yes I am speaking to you, good sir." or "No I'm just talking to myself." or "Nope, just talkin' to the secretary up there on the loud speaker."?? Which one sounds the least creepy?...
-Short shorts in basketball practice.
-Tripping over self and biting it while trying to throw a ball. Embarrassing.
-No game. Short practice. Kickball practice. Score.
-Waking up to rain. Isn't it the best??
-My school's chocolate chip cookies! :) They are huge gooey goodness all for 50 cents. They are so good. I wish I could give each of you one. You would love me forever.
-Homemade pizza for supper! Yum-O!!
-Spring cleaning in February! I love when the house is clean! I feel so refreshed! Even though it's cold outside again.. The weather has me all messed up. One day it's sunny and breezy. The next... more snow?? Oh this Kansas weather...
-Tomorrow. is. FRIDAY!
Okay well this post was long enough... peace out girl scouts.


  1. I love the liquid pencil.. I've used it before! It's great!

    Matters of Merrymaking

  2. I use the same eyeliners! :D
    Except the pencil liner is the self advancing liner.
    I've NEVER seen another eyeliner that goes on as dark as these... well except for maybe MAC... but who wants to spend that much money? lol