Friday, February 4, 2011

Things that annoy me.

We all know we have days of irritation and annoyance. C'mon, admit it ladies!
Bear with me as I go on a rampage. I am trying really hard not to be a #3. :)

Annoyance #1. When people are absolutely inept to doing anything by themselves. This also entails being too shy to do things by themselves in fear of... well, I'm really not sure what is going through their brains..

Annoyance #2. Girls who make it a priority not to make eye contact in the hallway. Newsflash: As you're concentrating so hard on making sure you don't pay me a lick of attention... you look odd. Very odd. Fakes smiles are not for everyone. (P.S. Were you looking at the wall or the air? Because pretty sure no one else was around. Pull it together woman.)

Annoyance #3. Complainers. Constant complainers. Constant "ugh." Constant blaming others. Constant cursing anything that could have anything to do with you having a bad day. We get it. You hate your life and you are having a bad day. Please don't bring my mood down. I didn't lose my cheer uniform and I didn't slip on ice today. It's a good day. Let's keep it that way. AND! If you are complaining about "I didn't get my math done today!! ughhhhh" uh, do it. Or get help on it. Or better yet, I'll do it and help you. Oh wait. I did. Your welcome.

Annoyance #4. Girls who think they are in style. I'm sorry, I didn't know bleached hair and dry, damaged, pink streaks were in this season. My bad. I tell ya, I go to a school with people who are completely unknowledgeable and ignorant about fashion. Oh goodness, I just heard this girl say "Someone once told me they like my style." What is the world coming to?! Okay people, package me up and sail me away. There is no need for me and this fashion blog. I kid. I would never leave you.

Annoyance #5. Smoke. You give me a headache.

Annoyance #6. High School boys. But we all knew that one, right?
I'll stop there... before I become the annoyer.
Darbey :)
It's a good thing I have this blog. I can vent and no one will everrr know. ...okay. maybe they will. But I doubt it. hehe


  1. For some reason, most of the girls in my elementary education classes are such complainers! Future teachers need better attitudes- what kid wants a teacher who is always miserable?

  2. amen to #6 and #5. :) love your blog.

  3. Baby Lisa,
    I will venture to say it was a bad day! Do you need to talk to Momma?????? ;)

  4. Sounds like 2006 again. :) Man I'm getting old.

    Love you with a big ol' cherry on top!

  5. Sooooo, is this shy, bleached-blonde, pink streaked,smoker girl all one person???? Tell her your Auntie doesn't like people ignoring her sweet baby niece in the hallway....that'll fix her!

    Too Funny Daw-baby! I didn't think anything ever annoyed you! You hide it well!