Sunday, February 13, 2011

Open the windows.

Dress (worn as skirt), Scarf, & Belt - Forever 21; Grey shirt - Kohl's; Tights & Shoes-Target
I don't know about over in your neck of the woods But I'm lovin' the weather over here. Yes, there still is snow on the ground but, if you haven't noticed.. my deck has made its debut... instead of just that pretty blanket of snow. This is what I wore to church this morning when it was a little chillier outside. By the time I got home I wanted to throw on a pair of capris and throw open the windows. Mom wouldn't let me. Rats! I'm feeling good today. I think the weather has an extreme amount of importance on my mood. Ah. Oh what a little sunshine can do for a person.
And just some countdown updates for you:
5 more weeks til Spring Break/cruise!
4 more hours til my bedtime.
Approx. 3 more weeks of basketball.
2 more weeks until March 1! (What to me is the first day of Spring!)
1 more minute until I get a snack!


  1. you are soo adorable! love the boots!!

  2. Love this look on you! Adorables!!!

  3. Cute outfit! It's so warm in Michigan today! A whole 50 degrees! ;) I couldn't be happier! No coat!