Monday, February 14, 2011

Meet my Valentine.

I love him. He loves me.
It's as simple as that.
Who needs a "honey" when you got this little ball of happiness?
I asked him officially if he would be my Valentine on Sunday.
His reply? "sure."
Can't you just feel the love?
I failed to take a picture of the "Balentime" Cards he made me. :(
But they now have made themselves a happy little home in my locker for all to see.
And I do mean ALL!
"Hey guys! Want to see what my Valentine gave me??"
Then they stand and stare for awhile in jealousy.
I'm tellin' ya... I've got the cutest Valentine on the block!
But shh! Don't tell anyone! They might just get ideas..and I'm plannin' on keeping him!

So I hope you and your sweetheart had a lovey dovey day filled with hugs, kissies, and loads of candy!! (I mean, we're all just in it for the candy right??...)

  • Check out his momma's blog over here! :) She's pretty cute too!
  • And for the cutest V-day letter you've ever seen... Ramsey's got the hook-up!


  1. Now that is one handsome Valentine. You are a lucky girl! Happy Valentines Day :)

  2. How adorable is that little lovie? Sweetness!

  3. What a cutie! Hope you two are very happy :)