Thursday, February 17, 2011

Look Ma, No clothes.

I wore sweats today. So here's my A & A's about my day. :)


1) Mad doggin'. Now, you probably have no idea what that I shall explain. My eye has a rare disease that has been studied for centuries. ..okay, so I'm fibbing a little bit. But really. I have bad eyes. On occasion, they tend to get really bloodshot. It hurts to blink, I can't look at light, can't wear my contacts, can't open my eyes in the morning because they are crusted shut (tmi?), I'm basically crying all day (not emotional tears, ya'll!) , I can't make eye contact & I have to wear my mom's glasses (I haven't had my own glasses since Freshman year when the basketball boys stepped on them. Talk about being bullied!) As you can see, this is not an awesome situation. Especially when everyone gives you weird looks all day and slowly start to move away from you in fear that you have pink eye. Not cool. For the past three years my eyes have been doing this and it never fails for the same people to walk by and ask "What's wrong with your eye?!" (exhales largely) I usually take the time to explain...but from now on I'm thinkin' "Well, I have an extremely contagious fungi in my eye, that anyone standing 2 feet from me will immediately be exposed to." will do the trick.

2) How long #1 was.

3) Choosing, adopting, and naming a dead cat for your dissection process. Bonus-awkward points for the fact that they just lay on the back table for the first half of the hour. Creeeepyyy. I made sure that the cat I chose didn't look anything like my two LIVE kitties I have at home. I'm thinking I'm gonna name my (dead) kitty, Miss Puss.

Peter: I need Miss Puss. Where's Miss Puss? Miss Puss Puss!!
Hank: She's outside.
Peter: What?! No! Miss Puss is an inside cat!
Pat: Not anymore.

Please tell me you've seen Everybody loves Raymond.

4) The position cats lay when they're dead.

5) Having a hole in the armpit of your t-shirt. On the plus side.. I get a constant breeze throughout the day. :)

6) Dancing with glasses on.


1) This weather!! Oh, how I love it. I feel like I have come out of hibernation and got my mojo back! :)

2) Cookie Dough Icecream. All I need is a huge spoon and a tub of deliciousness.

3) Only an hour of basketball practice.

4) Tomorrow's Friday.

5) No homework!

6) YOU! :)

Hmmm...Somehow I always end up with bigger Awkward stories than Awesome... Is this telling me something?


  1. haha what a great post :) i just came across your blog and i love it! your blog is seriously one of my new favs! can't wait to read what you've come up with next!

  2. HAHA! You are hilarious, girl!! So I've never seen Everybody loves Raymond, but that still made me laugh. ;)

  3. Oh and my camera? It's a Nikon D5000, and I love it soooo much! :)

    Thank you for the sweet compliments on my pics! They made me SMILE!

  4. Dancing in glsses is definitely awkward!

  5. Aww- your blog is adorable! Can't wait to catch up on more posts!
    Bekah Matters of Merrymaking

  6. Haha you are kind of adorable! And omg I am so sorry you had to dissect a dead cat! I wouldn't be able to do it.