Saturday, February 26, 2011

Inspire me.

It is back to cold, drear, and the oh-so-awful muddy snow. Ick. I'm kind of in a slump. In that, I want to get out of my black, scarves, and boots.... and hop into some-a-this. I'm tryin' real real hard to be all cute and creative with outfits, but in this weather... let's be honest. We all just want sweats and a blankey. Right??

No outfit pictures again today. I just couldn't bring myself to it. But I thought instead of showing my boring outfit of black & white stripes, a scarf, and boots... I would hopefully give off some spring fever! I think I've come down with it.

Have you?!


  1. I know! It's so hard to come up with cute outfits when all you want it to keep yourself cozy! ... Loved your picks, those high waisted shorts are awesome, gotta find me one of those asap!

    Hope you have a lovely weekend, grab your fluffiest blankey and pillow and a hot cup of coffee! xo

  2. LOVE it all! and I was the same way today, outfit wasnt even worth the documentation. My camera is a canon powershot sd1400is.It is just a simple point and shoot but seems to work for me. Beyond that,I have no idea how to help you, I am the worst when it comes the the complications of this blogger stuff. MY method is that I do not size down the pictures when editing them and then when uploaded to blogger I chose them then click extra large. Sorry! but thats all I got!