Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Frost Bite.

It's the cold after the storm today, folks. And I'm wearing a quarter length shirt. Am I going crazy? ..Don't answer that.
Anyways, I got a little picture happy today... not intentionally though. Ya see, when you decide to do the whole "throw snow in the air" pose... (see below)... you can't just pick one!! So you have before your eyes unnecessary repetitive pictures of Darbey. your welcome.

Rosette Headband-Homemade! (inspiration from Ramsey!), Pearl Necklace- Forever 21,
Quarter-length top - Charlotte Russe, Striped tank & Boots- Target, Jeans - Gordman's

Cat interrupted...
Dog interrupted...

Okay, so here's the snow adventure. which was pretty much a bust.
Oh, they look like the cliche happy playing in the snow pictures...
but I'm a hypochondriac.
And I say..
I got frost bite.
But don't let those pictures fool you...
You know that old saying..
Whatever goes up.. must come down?
it all just happened to come down and land in my shirt.
So what does that result in, you may ask..
Here. Don't say I never gave you anything
yeah yeah.. have your laugh.

So the headband... I got my inspiration for this little darling from Love, Ramsey. Go hop on over to her blog and check out her tutorial of how to make it! (I took pictures when I made mine.. let me know if you want to see them!)

Things to note in this picture:
1) Dog in background.
2) Foundation stain on elbow from this morning.. rats!
3) Strained look upon my face.

So if you made it through that absurd amount of pictures...
I commend you.
You will be rewarded with a kiss.
(The Hershey kind.)

P.S. I forgot to show the best part of the tank! The back! The top, by the neck, is lace! Super cute!
P.S.S. Click here. (My mom didn't pay me annyyythinggg to link up her blog or anything...) :)

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  1. The headband is way too cute! You are so brave to be venturing out in the snow. And looking so happy! Love the outfit :)