Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Even a blizzard can't hold her back.

There have been two major blizzards here in Kansas in the past two years. Today was one of those blizzards.

Today was a snow day. (cheers) I knew three things for certain.
1) I wasn't leaving this house.
2) Hot chocolate, slipper socks, and a movie for one please!
3) Comfy clothes!!

So this is what a Girl in Pearls would wear on a snow day!
(Today was also Color Brigade Tuesday!...So I added some pops of color in the mix.. the colors I used were: Pink, blue, green, white, grey, black, and leopard!)
(Scarf-?, Draped cardigan-Forever 21, White long sleeved top- Kohl's, Miley Cyrus leggings- Walmart, Boots-Target)

Okay so here's the deal. Get these leggings!! If you need comfort on a snow day to just lounge around the house... I've got what you need! Throw these on with a comfy top..or two! (Layers are great for warmth!) I'm extremely comfy today and love love lovin' it!

That. Is my snow day pose. (I am saying "Na na na na na! I have a snow day!!")

Please note: Today, I was my own photographer. That, plus the fact there were blizzard winds... sometimes I battled the door locking me out! ha!

So did snow come your way today?? Let me know in the comments! Oh! And go ahead and be a doll and leave your blog address down there as well... I'm in the mood to do me some lovin' on some blogs! I need something to accompany my Pretty Little Liars reruns!


  1. You look so cute and chic! Belted cardigans never work on me. I can't believe you guys are getting so much snow over there! I wish I could have a snow day.

  2. Such a cute outfit! Love the scarf

  3. Well, I guess I lost my job!! You don't me as a photographer, huh? Amazing that you could set a camera on a kitchen table, open a door, run outside in a blizzard, stand it freezin' temps, and get those great pics. Good job for a snow day!!!!!!! And I think you may need another outfit for tomorrow! Lookin' like another day off???????

  4. i love this mix!! i'm all about the belted cardigan and the leopard print belt is right up my alley. and what a cute scarf!

    i had a snow day too, but unfortunately had to work from home. hope you enjoyed your day off! :)

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  5. That looks super awesomely comfy! Love the scarf!

  6. im glad you didnt let the snow get to your outfit! so cute

    stop by sometime<3

  7. my snow day never came- darn it. But can I just say I love that you shop at walmart. Love it :)

  8. Extremely cute outfit... more than that I love your poses in your photos!


  9. LOL I laughed at the thought of you getting locked out and Bubby yelling "who keeps knocking on the back door!" BUTT Soooo cute hookie!!! And your page is looking ammazing!

  10. I visit over at your mom's blog....You are too cute love your blog!! I wish they had blogging when I was your age I would have loved to visit a blog like yours I still have no idea how to put on makeup and I am 36 lol!! although my friend came over the other day and showed me how to apply eyeliner..it was pretty funny~ Love the Scarf they are my favorite accessory ~Stay Warm Love Heather

  11. No snow day here in Seattle. :-( Love the cardi, belt and scarf. And the boots and leggings! LOL

    Amber Lena
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  12. i so need new leggings! thanks for the tip!