Monday, February 7, 2011

Are those Pajama Jeans?...

...uh, no. They're jeggings. And no. I don't care that I got them from Wal-mart and the tag says "Denim Knit Leggings". And no. These are not the "Pajama Jeans" you saw on that commercial the other day. (Btw. I have not yet seen this Pajama Jean commercial. Am I going insane?) They are jeggings. Why? Because. That is what I choose to call them. I can't tell you how many people asked me about these beauties today! And yes, I corrected them each time. Jeg.Jeg.Jeggings!!!! (It's just fun to say.)

Half Jeans. Half Leggings. Can I get a collective gasp please? Thank you. Ahhhh!! I am so excited. Pretty sure these are the best things since the Snuggie. (A backwards robe if you will.) They are so comfy! I mean comfy comfy! Here's the story: My BFF Katie got these this fall. She wore them everywhere. Yes. Even to sleep! So I went to check these things out. Around 10 bucks. Oh yikes. This cheapo Girl in Pearls thinks she can get a better bargain. So she waits. and waits. Down to 5 bucks. Stilllll can't splurge. (Get me in with the therapist) Well Momma and I ran in to Wal-mart on the way home from the city the other day because this chick was bound and determined to get her some Jeggings. Drum roll please. 3 bucks!! I'll take em! So I took them home. Tucked them into bed. Told them I loved them. And gave them a great big kiss goodnight.

So here they are...making their debut on my blog. I ask that you give them a great big warm welcome. :)

Earrings & Ring - Forever 21; Flannel pearl snap, Knee-highs, & Boots - Target; Jeggings- Wal-mart; Belt - Mommy's!

Okay, So I have a couple apologies to make.

1) I'm very sorry about my ranting last post. I will try real real hard to not let my emotions get the best of me. But sometimes things are just wayy too funny to keep to myself... so I just have to tell my friends!

2) I was going to post Saturday & Sunday's outfit. Fail. My excuse? Lithium. Yes, Lithium. Camera=dead. I promise to put on the outfit and take new pictures soon! Oh, the things I do for you. (P.S. You'll want to see this! I did a major cool thing with a dress. That's all I'm sayin')

xoxo --Darbey

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  1. Oh I adore your flannel top! And your poses are so cute girl. Especially that 3rd and last photo. Stunning!!

  2. these jeggings are awesome!! i can't believe you found them at Walmart. what a great find. and you have the cutest poses. ever. :)

    cute and little