Saturday, February 26, 2011

Late birthday dinner for her...

...Early birthday present for me.
We're cool cats over in this family.
3 days ago was my lovely sister Haley's birffdayy.
She and her boytoy came home this weekend and tonight we had her birffday din din! :)
Earlier this morning she, my other sissy, and momma brought home an early birthday present for me from their flea market crusade. Aren't they just precious?! I sure do love them.
A Girl in Pearls picture to match my Girl in Pearls bedroom!
I squealed.
Oh, and you see that $10 price tag?... Yup. 3 dollar bargain!
So yeah.. we like to celebrate birthdays not on time anddd we are the ultimate bargain shoppers.
You wish you were us. :)
P.S. You guys get 2 posts in 1 day!! ...lucky ducks.
P.S.S. I'll have a vanity tour + this little beauty in a post soon!

Inspire me.

It is back to cold, drear, and the oh-so-awful muddy snow. Ick. I'm kind of in a slump. In that, I want to get out of my black, scarves, and boots.... and hop into some-a-this. I'm tryin' real real hard to be all cute and creative with outfits, but in this weather... let's be honest. We all just want sweats and a blankey. Right??

No outfit pictures again today. I just couldn't bring myself to it. But I thought instead of showing my boring outfit of black & white stripes, a scarf, and boots... I would hopefully give off some spring fever! I think I've come down with it.

Have you?!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

The Ultimate Trio & Awksome Thursday!

Hey gals. Before I begin with a fun little review... I must apologize for my absence. :( I haven't blogged in a week! A WEEK! eeeekkk! (catch the rhyme?!) I've been very busy with the end of my basketball season so next week I should be rollin' out the posts! Yay! Okay, on to the review!
(Stick around for my Awkward & Awesome Thursday!)
Wayyy back in my August favorites I talked about two Loreal Carbon Black Liners. Loreal Lineur Intense Felt Tip Liquid Liner & Loreal Liquid Pencil Liner. Both of which I have since repurchased and LOVE! In that same post I mentioned my favorite mascara. Loreal Voluminous. Another love! When I was at the store because I need new liner and mascara. I was all wiped out. So I knew I was going to get my two trusty liners and my mascara. Little did I know that Loreal has a Carbon Black Voluminous mascara! Eeeeppp!! :) So I stocked up.
This trio is amazing. I use it every single day and it never fails me. Loreal, you should probably come out with a package deal. You'd be makin' mega bucks. You could call it Black like Carbon. At least that's what I would call it. :)
I got sissy hooked on the mascara and mom hooked on the pencil liner.
Still haven't won anybody on the liquid liner. I don't know why... but people run from liquid eyeliner. It's like they're a little kid and the liner is spinach. Not a good analogy? Okay then, moving on.

Tell me that black & gold packaging is not adorables! ah. I loves it.

I use the liquid eyeliner on my top lash line and it is so so quick and simple. It's not a hassle or messy like you would think. It's a deep dark black that stays on for a very long period of time and doesn't smear or budge.

Best pencil liner I have used to date. So creamy and smooth. I seriously have to apply zero pressure to my waterline and shabam! It's a miracle worker! I don't know about you... but scratchy and rough pencil liners don't work for me.

This mascara is amazing for my lashes. It lengthens and volumizes. It seems to be a more wet mascara like Maybelline's Falsies mascara. Another big hit lately. Some people don't like that but it really is your best bet on getting those long lashes that everyone wants! A little trick: Pull out the wand and blow on it or set it out for a couple seconds before applying! It makes it not so wet and a little more stickier so it holds the curl of your lashes better!

(Please ignore that disgusting pile of goop on the inside of my eye. gross.)

I applied all three to show you the magic!

Well, I'm sold. Are you?
Drum roll please....
Awkward & Awesome Thursday!!
(Come on, you know that's the only reason you're reading this.)


- Waking up at 7 (6:30 alarm=snoooooze) and all the lights off in the house. Go into M&D's room to see if they're awake. Nata. "Mom...gonna get up for the day??" Insert 3 feet jump out of the bed coming from the madre. :)
- My spanish teacher getting a mouthful of my friend's hair in his mouth. His face=priceless.
-Talking back to the intercom at school.
Goes as follows:

Girl in Pearls walking down hallway in mob of High School students...
Intercom: "No games tonight due to weather. There will be practice after school."
Me: "No!! ...ughh..why do we have practice? So not fair..." (and other ramblings...)
Dude walking next to me: Blank stare. "Are you talking to me?"
Me: "Uhm, I'm not sure."
So do I say.. "Why yes I am speaking to you, good sir." or "No I'm just talking to myself." or "Nope, just talkin' to the secretary up there on the loud speaker."?? Which one sounds the least creepy?...
-Short shorts in basketball practice.
-Tripping over self and biting it while trying to throw a ball. Embarrassing.
-No game. Short practice. Kickball practice. Score.
-Waking up to rain. Isn't it the best??
-My school's chocolate chip cookies! :) They are huge gooey goodness all for 50 cents. They are so good. I wish I could give each of you one. You would love me forever.
-Homemade pizza for supper! Yum-O!!
-Spring cleaning in February! I love when the house is clean! I feel so refreshed! Even though it's cold outside again.. The weather has me all messed up. One day it's sunny and breezy. The next... more snow?? Oh this Kansas weather...
-Tomorrow. is. FRIDAY!
Okay well this post was long enough... peace out girl scouts.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Look Ma, No clothes.

I wore sweats today. So here's my A & A's about my day. :)


1) Mad doggin'. Now, you probably have no idea what that I shall explain. My eye has a rare disease that has been studied for centuries. ..okay, so I'm fibbing a little bit. But really. I have bad eyes. On occasion, they tend to get really bloodshot. It hurts to blink, I can't look at light, can't wear my contacts, can't open my eyes in the morning because they are crusted shut (tmi?), I'm basically crying all day (not emotional tears, ya'll!) , I can't make eye contact & I have to wear my mom's glasses (I haven't had my own glasses since Freshman year when the basketball boys stepped on them. Talk about being bullied!) As you can see, this is not an awesome situation. Especially when everyone gives you weird looks all day and slowly start to move away from you in fear that you have pink eye. Not cool. For the past three years my eyes have been doing this and it never fails for the same people to walk by and ask "What's wrong with your eye?!" (exhales largely) I usually take the time to explain...but from now on I'm thinkin' "Well, I have an extremely contagious fungi in my eye, that anyone standing 2 feet from me will immediately be exposed to." will do the trick.

2) How long #1 was.

3) Choosing, adopting, and naming a dead cat for your dissection process. Bonus-awkward points for the fact that they just lay on the back table for the first half of the hour. Creeeepyyy. I made sure that the cat I chose didn't look anything like my two LIVE kitties I have at home. I'm thinking I'm gonna name my (dead) kitty, Miss Puss.

Peter: I need Miss Puss. Where's Miss Puss? Miss Puss Puss!!
Hank: She's outside.
Peter: What?! No! Miss Puss is an inside cat!
Pat: Not anymore.

Please tell me you've seen Everybody loves Raymond.

4) The position cats lay when they're dead.

5) Having a hole in the armpit of your t-shirt. On the plus side.. I get a constant breeze throughout the day. :)

6) Dancing with glasses on.


1) This weather!! Oh, how I love it. I feel like I have come out of hibernation and got my mojo back! :)

2) Cookie Dough Icecream. All I need is a huge spoon and a tub of deliciousness.

3) Only an hour of basketball practice.

4) Tomorrow's Friday.

5) No homework!

6) YOU! :)

Hmmm...Somehow I always end up with bigger Awkward stories than Awesome... Is this telling me something?

Monday, February 14, 2011

Meet my Valentine.

I love him. He loves me.
It's as simple as that.
Who needs a "honey" when you got this little ball of happiness?
I asked him officially if he would be my Valentine on Sunday.
His reply? "sure."
Can't you just feel the love?
I failed to take a picture of the "Balentime" Cards he made me. :(
But they now have made themselves a happy little home in my locker for all to see.
And I do mean ALL!
"Hey guys! Want to see what my Valentine gave me??"
Then they stand and stare for awhile in jealousy.
I'm tellin' ya... I've got the cutest Valentine on the block!
But shh! Don't tell anyone! They might just get ideas..and I'm plannin' on keeping him!

So I hope you and your sweetheart had a lovey dovey day filled with hugs, kissies, and loads of candy!! (I mean, we're all just in it for the candy right??...)

  • Check out his momma's blog over here! :) She's pretty cute too!
  • And for the cutest V-day letter you've ever seen... Ramsey's got the hook-up!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Open the windows.

Dress (worn as skirt), Scarf, & Belt - Forever 21; Grey shirt - Kohl's; Tights & Shoes-Target
I don't know about over in your neck of the woods But I'm lovin' the weather over here. Yes, there still is snow on the ground but, if you haven't noticed.. my deck has made its debut... instead of just that pretty blanket of snow. This is what I wore to church this morning when it was a little chillier outside. By the time I got home I wanted to throw on a pair of capris and throw open the windows. Mom wouldn't let me. Rats! I'm feeling good today. I think the weather has an extreme amount of importance on my mood. Ah. Oh what a little sunshine can do for a person.
And just some countdown updates for you:
5 more weeks til Spring Break/cruise!
4 more hours til my bedtime.
Approx. 3 more weeks of basketball.
2 more weeks until March 1! (What to me is the first day of Spring!)
1 more minute until I get a snack!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

I didn't feel like doing anything..

So that's exactly what I did. Nothing.

I woke up this morning realizing that today was yet again... a snow day. Either that or I overslept and missed first hour. I settled on the first. So... I laid there. And laid there some more. Until finally I decided at about 10:30.. I better get up for the day. So I did. Ouch. My bum is quite a bit sore from playing two basketball games and cheering last night. So I sleepily walked downstairs and made myself some PB&J. Note: I have had "Peanut Butter Jelly Time" stuck in my head all day.

Anyways, I have been very tired today. I decided that since the sun was shining I better take good use of it and take outfit pictures. I promised myself as soon as I was done I would eagerly return to my PJ's. So then I went upstairs and began to put on some make-up. I walked to my closet and could not bring myself to drag myself out of my hoodie and slipper socks.

So that is my little story of why you don't see me in an outfit today. (I am now taking offers for publishing.)

So for the sake of being productive and for the sake of my blog.. I worked on editing my pictures with Photoshop thanks to Sydney!

Here is a before and after picture...

Whatcha think??
Okay so I think I'm gonna go and stretch a bit because I am just so stinkin' sore!
I'm very sorry you had to endure that absolutely unnecessary story of my life.
Just one more reason why I love you guys.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Are those Pajama Jeans?...

...uh, no. They're jeggings. And no. I don't care that I got them from Wal-mart and the tag says "Denim Knit Leggings". And no. These are not the "Pajama Jeans" you saw on that commercial the other day. (Btw. I have not yet seen this Pajama Jean commercial. Am I going insane?) They are jeggings. Why? Because. That is what I choose to call them. I can't tell you how many people asked me about these beauties today! And yes, I corrected them each time. Jeg.Jeg.Jeggings!!!! (It's just fun to say.)

Half Jeans. Half Leggings. Can I get a collective gasp please? Thank you. Ahhhh!! I am so excited. Pretty sure these are the best things since the Snuggie. (A backwards robe if you will.) They are so comfy! I mean comfy comfy! Here's the story: My BFF Katie got these this fall. She wore them everywhere. Yes. Even to sleep! So I went to check these things out. Around 10 bucks. Oh yikes. This cheapo Girl in Pearls thinks she can get a better bargain. So she waits. and waits. Down to 5 bucks. Stilllll can't splurge. (Get me in with the therapist) Well Momma and I ran in to Wal-mart on the way home from the city the other day because this chick was bound and determined to get her some Jeggings. Drum roll please. 3 bucks!! I'll take em! So I took them home. Tucked them into bed. Told them I loved them. And gave them a great big kiss goodnight.

So here they are...making their debut on my blog. I ask that you give them a great big warm welcome. :)

Earrings & Ring - Forever 21; Flannel pearl snap, Knee-highs, & Boots - Target; Jeggings- Wal-mart; Belt - Mommy's!

Okay, So I have a couple apologies to make.

1) I'm very sorry about my ranting last post. I will try real real hard to not let my emotions get the best of me. But sometimes things are just wayy too funny to keep to myself... so I just have to tell my friends!

2) I was going to post Saturday & Sunday's outfit. Fail. My excuse? Lithium. Yes, Lithium. Camera=dead. I promise to put on the outfit and take new pictures soon! Oh, the things I do for you. (P.S. You'll want to see this! I did a major cool thing with a dress. That's all I'm sayin')

xoxo --Darbey

Hey! Wanna help me out? Should I start to make my pictures bigger? Yeah?? Leave me a comment down there and let me know if I should & how you do it!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Things that annoy me.

We all know we have days of irritation and annoyance. C'mon, admit it ladies!
Bear with me as I go on a rampage. I am trying really hard not to be a #3. :)

Annoyance #1. When people are absolutely inept to doing anything by themselves. This also entails being too shy to do things by themselves in fear of... well, I'm really not sure what is going through their brains..

Annoyance #2. Girls who make it a priority not to make eye contact in the hallway. Newsflash: As you're concentrating so hard on making sure you don't pay me a lick of attention... you look odd. Very odd. Fakes smiles are not for everyone. (P.S. Were you looking at the wall or the air? Because pretty sure no one else was around. Pull it together woman.)

Annoyance #3. Complainers. Constant complainers. Constant "ugh." Constant blaming others. Constant cursing anything that could have anything to do with you having a bad day. We get it. You hate your life and you are having a bad day. Please don't bring my mood down. I didn't lose my cheer uniform and I didn't slip on ice today. It's a good day. Let's keep it that way. AND! If you are complaining about "I didn't get my math done today!! ughhhhh" uh, do it. Or get help on it. Or better yet, I'll do it and help you. Oh wait. I did. Your welcome.

Annoyance #4. Girls who think they are in style. I'm sorry, I didn't know bleached hair and dry, damaged, pink streaks were in this season. My bad. I tell ya, I go to a school with people who are completely unknowledgeable and ignorant about fashion. Oh goodness, I just heard this girl say "Someone once told me they like my style." What is the world coming to?! Okay people, package me up and sail me away. There is no need for me and this fashion blog. I kid. I would never leave you.

Annoyance #5. Smoke. You give me a headache.

Annoyance #6. High School boys. But we all knew that one, right?
I'll stop there... before I become the annoyer.
Darbey :)
It's a good thing I have this blog. I can vent and no one will everrr know. ...okay. maybe they will. But I doubt it. hehe

Thursday, February 3, 2011

You look very yuppie.

That's what my mom said about my outfit. Given, I wore this same outfit a couple weeks ago and I was actually going to school. But nonetheless, I still wanted to show my fellow bloggers just how yuppie this girl could be! What in the world is yuppie?! Oh, I asked the same thing...

Mom's Definition:
College student.

Dictionary Definition:
Yuppie: (Young Urban Professional) a term used to describe someone who is young, possibly just out of college, who has a high paying job and an affluent lifestyle.

Hmm. well, I am young. But the whole... just out of college...high paying job.. affluent lifestyle bologna... psh.
So is this really what you learn on my blog?... Faking it? ..guess so.

On to being yuppie...
(Flannel button-up-Aeropostale, Grey long-sleeve & Ring-Forever 21, Boots & Jeans-Target)

Oh! Almost forgot... It's Awkward & Awesome Thursday!
Saddle up boys and girls. Here we go.
1) Getting done taking pictures and realizing my plastic hanging straps attached to my shirt were hanging out...
(You're scrolling up to see if you can see them now, aren't you? Gotcha!)
2) Slipping on ice. It's awkward no matter what. Let's face it.
3) Taking pictures of yourself in different outfits everyday. Who does that?! Oh yeah. Us.
1) Mommy's cookies!! Ah. Yum-O!
2) The oh-so-dreaded 2:30 practice that turned out to be the best practice ever!
3) 3rd Snow Day in a row babyy! :)
Well I'm off to devour more cookies & milk. Tootles.
P.S. I apologize for wearing jeans again, the small pictures,
and the same scenery for the 3rd day in a row. Bear with me people.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Frost Bite.

It's the cold after the storm today, folks. And I'm wearing a quarter length shirt. Am I going crazy? ..Don't answer that.
Anyways, I got a little picture happy today... not intentionally though. Ya see, when you decide to do the whole "throw snow in the air" pose... (see below)... you can't just pick one!! So you have before your eyes unnecessary repetitive pictures of Darbey. your welcome.

Rosette Headband-Homemade! (inspiration from Ramsey!), Pearl Necklace- Forever 21,
Quarter-length top - Charlotte Russe, Striped tank & Boots- Target, Jeans - Gordman's

Cat interrupted...
Dog interrupted...

Okay, so here's the snow adventure. which was pretty much a bust.
Oh, they look like the cliche happy playing in the snow pictures...
but I'm a hypochondriac.
And I say..
I got frost bite.
But don't let those pictures fool you...
You know that old saying..
Whatever goes up.. must come down?
it all just happened to come down and land in my shirt.
So what does that result in, you may ask..
Here. Don't say I never gave you anything
yeah yeah.. have your laugh.

So the headband... I got my inspiration for this little darling from Love, Ramsey. Go hop on over to her blog and check out her tutorial of how to make it! (I took pictures when I made mine.. let me know if you want to see them!)

Things to note in this picture:
1) Dog in background.
2) Foundation stain on elbow from this morning.. rats!
3) Strained look upon my face.

So if you made it through that absurd amount of pictures...
I commend you.
You will be rewarded with a kiss.
(The Hershey kind.)

P.S. I forgot to show the best part of the tank! The back! The top, by the neck, is lace! Super cute!
P.S.S. Click here. (My mom didn't pay me annyyythinggg to link up her blog or anything...) :)

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Even a blizzard can't hold her back.

There have been two major blizzards here in Kansas in the past two years. Today was one of those blizzards.

Today was a snow day. (cheers) I knew three things for certain.
1) I wasn't leaving this house.
2) Hot chocolate, slipper socks, and a movie for one please!
3) Comfy clothes!!

So this is what a Girl in Pearls would wear on a snow day!
(Today was also Color Brigade Tuesday!...So I added some pops of color in the mix.. the colors I used were: Pink, blue, green, white, grey, black, and leopard!)
(Scarf-?, Draped cardigan-Forever 21, White long sleeved top- Kohl's, Miley Cyrus leggings- Walmart, Boots-Target)

Okay so here's the deal. Get these leggings!! If you need comfort on a snow day to just lounge around the house... I've got what you need! Throw these on with a comfy top..or two! (Layers are great for warmth!) I'm extremely comfy today and love love lovin' it!

That. Is my snow day pose. (I am saying "Na na na na na! I have a snow day!!")

Please note: Today, I was my own photographer. That, plus the fact there were blizzard winds... sometimes I battled the door locking me out! ha!

So did snow come your way today?? Let me know in the comments! Oh! And go ahead and be a doll and leave your blog address down there as well... I'm in the mood to do me some lovin' on some blogs! I need something to accompany my Pretty Little Liars reruns!