Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Tonight ladies and gents. okay.. Ladies.

Tonight. I will be talking about words.

They are frustrating little things.. ya know that?

I was thinking tonight about our words and what we say.

Our words can hurt.

Our words can mend.

Our words can be misunderstood.

Our words can be heard clear as day.

Our words can get us into trouble.

Our words can ask for forgiveness.

Our words can be used for bad.

Our words can be used for good.

Our words can deny Christ.

Our words can glorify and praise his dear name.

Our words can cut someone down.

Our words can esteem someone greater than ourselves.

Our words can show hate.

Our words can show love.

Our words can be said at the wrong time.

Our words can be said at the perfect time.

Our words can be jumbled and silly.

Our words can be intellectual and sophisticated.

Our words can lose us friends.

Our words can make us friends.

Our words can be be sharp and angry.

Our words can be kind and calm.

Our words can sometimes not be said. In fear that we might say the wrong thing.

Our words can be shouted to the mountaintops with no fear of the response.

Use your words for good. If you are blessed with the voice God gave you.. Use it. There is a time to speak. There is a time to keep silent. Our words are heard every day. They affect others' and our words are heard. Make your voice heard. Make an impact. You can regret words. (said or unsaid) "Why did I say that?!" vs. "Why didn't I say anything?!" You see, words sometimes get us into trouble. They leave a mark. They are imprinted in someone's mind. ...and stay there. You might say one thing... but someone else might hear something completely different. Words are written down in history. Words are forgiven. Your words to other's are left on this earth when you are long gone...

so make them mean something.
make them count.
make sure what you say...
doesn't bring other's down.

Because your words live forever.



  2. I love this post...I might just copy it and put it in a frame....or maybe you'll copy it on a chalkboard for me? SMILE! I love you so much! Mommy