Sunday, January 2, 2011

We're all about the lists.

So we've purged, huh?
Time to assess!

A look through the closet is just the thing.
to make more lists and lists!
The clothes are there, neatly they hang.
Now we'll be able to see all the outfits we've missed!

Yes. I just outburst in rhyme.
(A bad rhyme I may add)
I tend to do that a lot..
ya know.. outburst...

Assess: Evaluate or estimate the nature, ability, or quality of

List 1: The Need list: Items you need to make your closet complete, workable, and fabulous!
It's that pair of black trousers you grew out of and desperately need.
These are your needs. Not your wants. There is a difference.

List 2: The Want list: Once you are good, and mark off everything on your need list may you
"unlock" your want list. This is your "treat" list. Things you want but
don't necessarily need.

Here is a look into Darbey's Wishlist.
A mix between wants and needs! :)
Notice how everything can mix and match?!
It's all part of my new hobby...
(relaxed sighs are my new favorite thing)
So tell me...
What's on your list?
or two...
or three....


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  1. You are so adorable! Yes I know I'm your mother! But you are just a tickin' all the time! I love you baby Lisa!!!