Thursday, January 20, 2011

Want a cookie?

I did. As I was waiting for my substitute photographer (if you don't go and give her blog some love... I will personally throw you down in the snow.) jussst kidding. ..maybe. :) I wanted a cookie. So I got one. The cookie monster would be proud. Although, he got kicked off his show. Which I personally think.. is rediculous. The world needs cookies.

In other news... I'm late again. Hmm. shocker. Today is Thursday. I was supposed to post on Tuesday for the Color Brigade... I got busy, okay?! Stop giving me the stank eye..

So here we go!

Some last minute chewing..

Earrings: Forever21, Pearl Necklace: Mom's, Top: Charlotte Russe, Belt: ??, Skirt: Target, Boots: Jessica Simpson
So a couple things...
1. Please ignore the fact that my eyes are closed in half of these pictures. The snow didn't like me today.
2. I got in touch with my "rodeo" side of this outfit. I even went out and "milked" the cats.
They swarmed like chickens.
Yes. I was definitely on the farm today.
3.Don't forget to join the Color Brigade with Kileen!
- xoxo Darbey -
(Now go eat a cookie!!)


  1. Adorable Lucy!

    Sorry about the shadows. Boo.

    Did I say it was adorable yet, ok good.

  2. wow, you are so creative with the colors!! and i love those cowboy boots on you. and i'm so surprised you're not cold with the bare legs!

    cute and little
    come join the Color Brigade!

  3. Brrrrrrrr...I'm glad your photographer enjoys bearing the cold....Cute outfit....I'll bet it helps when the bedroom is all neat and tidy, huh? :0)

  4. I love your skirt and cute little cowboy boots! And that belt is fabulous girly! I am liking the new header, too :)