Thursday, January 27, 2011

Today I was Awksome.

Why hello there my friends. :)

Today I was awkward. But hey, that's alright kids. Cause ya know what?! I'm also quite awesome. How is that possible you might ask. Well let me explain.

I have joined The Daybook's Awkward and Awesome Thursday's! Please go and give her blog some love!! Every Thursday I will be posting up the awkard & awesome parts of my day. Hopefully you will find some laughs out of my awkward-ness & some enjoyment out of my awesome-ness.

So... let's do this.


1. Let me paint you a picture: Kansas Day Party. 2nd hour. I aide for my dad. We must start out with singing "Home on the Range" otherwise no one eats. My dad gladly pulls out his guitar... foot on chair...starts strumming. My poppy & me being the loudest ones in the room and no one else singing.. awkward. Good thing we're Maddens. And Madden's don't care about being awkward. Actually, we live for it!

2. Sitting at the lunch table by a girl who is quick to panic (name will remain anonymous. even though the chance of her seeing this small little blog of mine are quite slim...) and reaching across and knocking my milk all over her. Pants. hoodie. the works. Let me tell you people... this is an extremely awkward situation. In that you don't know whether to say "I'm so sorry!" or just run away. My mind told me to run away, crawl under a rock, and hide. But my body... yeah, I ended up apologizing multiple times, cleaning her up, and driving her home to a fresh pair of clothes awaiting her.

3. Accidently pulling out in front of someone. Now normally this wouldn't be too awkward of a situation. Ya know, if you get lucky enough for another 16 year old to be in that car who understands.. or even a 64 year old man who can't see... (they just drive and hope nobody's comin') But when you look to your right and see that it was the dad of the little boy you baby-sit for... awkward. Because now, he probably thinks that I am the most irresponsible teenager who shouldn't be looking after the well-being of his 6 year old. Luckily.. I waved. He smiled. Drive on Darbey!

4. Getting to the end of baskeball practice and someone looking at you and saying "Darbey, are your shorts on backwards?.." Open up the front and look in. "yup. sure are."


1. Ditching a cute outfit (pearls included) for a nice comfy jacket! :)

2. The food part of our Kansas Day Party! So! much! fooood!

3. Drinking pop for the first time in... a long time! I've missed you Dr. Pepper! No worries H20.. I'll be back tomorrow after my rebel behaviors of drinking caffeine have worn off.

3. Chicken Noodle Soup for lunch today! Potatoes, biscuit, & brownie?! score.

4. Getting a 92% on an "Ingle test" that had just been studied for... that morning. I am now slightly an expert on the beginning of World War 2. Just quiz me. :)

So you should probably come and join this whole reliving your awesome and awkward moments of the day thing. It's pretty Awksome.
Love, Darbey


  1. Love your awesome and awkwards!! ha that whole milk thing... sounds like something i would do. your blog is adorable!!

    follow me {at}

    can't wait for more awesome and awkwards!!

  2. Love it! Totally can see the Kansas Day serenade. :)

    Are you doing Kendi's 30 for 30 challenge?