Sunday, January 16, 2011


Well girls.

I've came to a decision...
well.... kinda. Told you I wasn't a decisive person!

I've asked my momma and I've asked my Advisor Nanie Ann for their advice..
now it's your turn.

oh yikes.
It's like that part in the book where the momma bear has to choose between her two babies. Oh, you didn't read that book? My bad.

They are both my babies.

See the Beauty is my first born. I've watched it grow up and I've nurtured it along the way. It's been my place of ramble & the place that makes me feel better. And let's face it. Who doesn't like to See the Beauty?! I'm not good with change.. so it would feel like I've lost See the Beauty forever..

A Girl in Pearls is literally the baby of the family. She's the newborn... but that doesn't mean she doesn't get the same amount of love. I love the name! I love pearls! and I love the concept! And in case you were wondering... I can STILL See the Beauty... they'll just be in PEARL form now! Pearls can mean wisdom. So when I share my pearls.. I'll be sharing my wisdom! Let me translate. Darbey's Wisdom: When Darbey messes up... she learns.. and shares it with you!!.. because..I really don't have that much knowledge.. I just pretend and learn as I go! ;) A Girl in Pearls. She's new. She's cute. She's PINK!

So let's clarify:
I will not be changing blogs.
Same blog. Just a different name, header, and I won't be able to use the oh so famous Stop by and See the Beauty. I guess I could say.. Stop by and see the Girl in Pearls. But that would sound a little bit conceited now wouldn't it? Ha!

So as you can see...
I'm between a rock and a hard place.
Or I guess you could say..
I'm between Audrey Hepburn & a make-up compact. (Literally.)
(If you didn't catch my attempt at humor... refer to the picture above.)

So please please please be a doll and leave a comment down there in that little box and tell me whatcha think!

I would love to know!!


Love always,
Darbey Rhea (:


  1. I'm voting for the Pearls one....but I think you can keep the See the Beauty for a little section on your blog maybe about Before and Afters?
    Change is VERY hard for you can do it. And remember you can always go back if needed!
    I heard that a pearl starts out as a grain of sand that irritates the oyster and then turns into a pearl....I'm going to research that and see if that's true!

  2. My vote: A girl in pearls.

    I like Mom's idea of adding it as a section on your blog.

    You are a doll baby.

  3. you're blog is cute! i can't wait to see what you decide!

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