Friday, January 21, 2011

Revlon Soft Nude Colorburst Lipstick. A review.

You knew it was on my wishlist. I had to break down and shell out the 5 bucks for this lipstick. (5 Bucks! Cheap-0!)

Revlon Soft Nude Colorburst Lipstick
Price: 5$
Found at: Drugstores
Comparable to: Mac Creme d' Nude Lipstick (cremesheen)

I LOVE the packaging! So classic and sleek!
I like the fact that it shows the color on the top of the lid! It's actually a really close match!!

I love that "Revlon" is inscribed in the lipstick itself! so cute!
Here's the swatch on my hand. It comes off a bit sheer but it can layer on very nicely.

I just love the look of a nude lip! As long as it doesn't make me look dead! This lipstick doesn't do that at all! It actually has a peach tint to it! It's very wearable. It glides on very smoothly. It's creamy without being too slimy where it's going to just slide off right away. It lasts a decent amount of time. Nothing too special lasting wise.

Darbey's Test:
Price: [5/5] Great price. Great Quality.
Assessablity: [5/5] Found at drugstores!
Packaging: [5/5] Cute and durable!!
Pay-off: [5/5] Sheer. But you are able to layer for more coverage.
Quantity: [5/5] Good sized lipstick that will last me a long time.

Kiss of Approval:

xoxo Darbey


  1. I totally love this...I just bought some the other's so hard to find it without sparklies...thanks for grabbing my button!