Monday, January 3, 2011

Miracle Dress

One dress. 7 ways to wear it. (and counting!)

Everyone needs that little black dress.
I'm going to tweak that a bit.
Every one needs a "that dress".
This is mine.

I played dress up a couple of nights ago. Literally.
After going shopping at my favorite store, Forever 21..Cute & fashionable clothes without killing your budget! :)
I came home with some purchases with my giftcard I got from Christmas!..thanks Mom and Dad!
One just happened to be this little beauty..

As I was standing in the EXTERMELY long-day after Christmas Line (thankyou daddy!) I was thinking "Where am I going to wear this to?!" I knew I loved it. It fit me like a glove... it was sophisticated, classy, and adorable...but I just couldn't think of where I wanted to where it to...

Well, that night I experimented with my new remixing hobby. I probably came down stairs 10 times "modeling" my remixed outfits to my family. (They're pretty good at faking smiles and nodding.)

So here's some of those outifts captured with Momma's brand new Christmas present! :)

I am NOT in any way a model. Pretty sure the pictures will show it.. ha! Just keep your eyes focused on the clothes and we'll be fine!!

Outfit 1: Simple & classy: Throwing on a rockin' pair of heels can fix everything!
Belt: Forever 21 (Came with dress)
Black Bow Heels: Forever 21
Earrings: Thanks Mom!

Ring: Forever21
Nails: Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro -Marine Blue

Outfit 2: A walk in the park: Add a splash of color with a scarf! (the ends are just tucked down into the dress!..clever huh?!)
Scarf: Haley's!
Black Belt: Forever 21
Black Riding Boots: Target

Outfit 3: Sunday-Funday: This is a way I could wear the dress to church! :)
Black Zipper Jacket: Forever 21
Lace tights: Claire's

And without the jacket.....

Outfit 4: Boot Scootin' Boogie: Who said cowgirls couldn't be fashionable?
Necklace: Forever21
Ring: Forever21
Denim Vest: Parallel
Boots: Jessica Simpson's
(and No..I didn't receive them from her. :o))

She did WHAT?!
Oh yes...
She did.

She turned a dress into a shirt.
(Feel free to oohh and ahhh anytime!)

Fold the bottom half of the dress under and you have yourself a new shirt!
Outfit 5: Night out on the town: Comfy. So you can shop some MORE!
Earrings: Forever21
Ring: Forever21
Belt: Couldn't tell ya.. had it forever on an old shirt!
Beaded Jeans: Spencer Nicole's!

They thought I was done...
I wasn't.

A couple days later, I had an epiphany.
"I need a new skirt....AHA!...the dress!"

Outfit 6: Walk on the beach: I don't know.. the scandals and the navy stripes just screamed beach to me?..
Earrings: Haley's
Oversized quarter-sleeve top: Forever21
Scandals: Target
So that was tucked in to make a high-waisted skirt.
Here it is untucked.. (:
(Please ignore that annoying pile of trash in the corner. :P)
So there you have it!...My miracle dress! ah. Throw it on and remix away! :)
Special thanks to Mom & Hay for the pictures! :)
*So what was your favorite outfit?
*How would you style this dress?
xoxo- Darbey

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  1. TOO CUTE! My favorite is the boot scooter! You are so talented! I remember doing the same thing when I was in high school- I found my Dad's old beat up Levi's jean jacket and paired it with EVERYTHING!!!! Oh, this brought back some memories! Adorable!