Saturday, January 15, 2011

Color Brigade #1!

Hello SaTUESday! :) Kileen @ Cute & Little started a project on her blog. It is called The Color Brigade! It's all about adding different colors to your outfits! :) Every Tuesday you link up your outfit to her blog! I'm a little late getting started but you are able to add your picture up until the next Tuesday sooo... I took advantage of that rule.

The colors I used are:
Black, Purple, & Leopard. (Prints count as 1 color!)

I also experimented with the belted scarf! I really like the way it turned out.

Black long-sleeved shirt - Target
Scarf - Gift
Belt - ?
Leopard Skirt - Forever21
Tights - Claire's
Boots - Target
Pearl Earrings - Gift
Pearl Ring - Forever21
LOVE, Darbey


  1. Very cute outfit girl!! I love the pop of the purple :)

  2. i love leopard print and when added as a scarf, it's the perfect fun accessory for any outfit!

    btw, thanks for joining the Color Brigade and check back tomorrow for volume 2 to link up your next outfit! :)

    cute and little