Friday, January 14, 2011

Can I get the Madden discount?..

Woah Baby. 129 buckaroos?! woweewowwow! I understand some things are an investment. But to this job-less 16 year old... no way Jose. Hey Steve... can I get the Madden discount?? :)

Darbey's Mission: To find similar a lower price!
Reason to buy: "Well theyyy have them..." Yes. I'm being a follower. But sometimes it's just too easy. Love, Ramsey, Cute & Little, and Kendi Everyday, and many more fashion bloggers all have these Steve Madden boots. You see in their daily posts how they throw these cute leather boots in almost every one of their outfits. I'm very observant. So I decided to do some research. They can be worn with jeans, leggings, skirts, dresses, stockings... They are just too cute and versatile!
So for now... I'll add these boots to my Wishlist! :)
I'll do some more research for a similar/cheaper pair!
I did you a favor. I took the initiative NOT to post any pictures of me and my sick self.. Believe me, I tried to get into a cute outfit and smile/sneeze for the camera but my PB&J smeared hoodie wouldn't let me go. What can I say? It's obsessed with me. So you're welcome.
(Too bad for the doctor... he got a full view of my... ensemble..)
Love Always,


  1. Aw, who ya're even cute when your sick! And this was NOT written by a partial aunt (all my nieces and nephews are the cutest!) Cyber Kisses to you!

  2. Baby Lisa,
    "You are just fine!" per Gma R. Right Auntie L? We love that quote, huh?
    Now the PBJ on the shirt???????? well....
    Get to feeling better!

  3. Those boots are gorgeous. Mine are actually Madden Girl (Zoiee) and I got them for around $80. Or I got them for Christmas. But I have found them online (black and brown) for around this price. Here's a link:'s+Zoiiee+Boots+(Tan)&CAWELAID=556658180

    Happy shopping!