Monday, January 31, 2011

Does it count?..., probably not. But call me crazy. I'm (sorta) doing it anyways!

(drum roll pleasseee!)
Kendi's 30 x 30 challenge!

Now, don't get too excited kiddos. I can't make any promises. Actually I'm not going to make any promises. Because if I would... I would probably break them.. and then you would get mad.. and unfollow me.. and lose all faith in me. And we would not want that.

These are my dilemmas.

Dilemma 1: This week is spirit week for Homecoming at my school! Yay! Of course I'll be getting all cute in my crazy clothes but what about my actual remixing?!

Dilemma 2: I have a whole bunch of basketball games left! On game days that are away...we have to wear our traveling sweats. (And I can assure you. They are not nearly as cute as my picks in my closet.)

Dilemma 3: I also cheer. Which means on those game days where I don't play... I have to wear my cheer uniform to school.

That's about 12 days of cheating. And this Girl in Pearls is not a cheater. It wouldn't be fair to say that I actually took a challenge that wasn't completely fulfilled.

So this is my plan:

1. To remix my little heart away this month.

2. Post as many pictures of those outfits on my dearly beloved blog. (NYR: Blog, Blog, Blog!)

3. Finish organizing my closet and go shopping to complete my working closet. (Remind me to post the rest of my Closet Crusade! I've already talked about Purging and Assessing. Next is Organizing and Shopping!)

4. Learn more about layering and mixing colors/patterns. (Even though that's what this whole thing is about.. making up my own rules.. I wouldn't want to post outfits that I wasn't quite sure on all the way! I still have some learning to do!)

So hopefully Kendi will be holding a Spring Edition of the 30 x 30 challenge. I will most definitely catch that one when it comes around! :)
Hope you all have a fantastic night! (We're supposed to get snow over the next couple of days.. around 7 inches! ...Snow Day??)
Love Love Love you guys!

Saturday, January 29, 2011


yeah. I know.
I feel like I don't even have to explain myself on these puppies.
But I will.
Tell me those are not the cutest heels ever. Just look at that color!
They are on sale for $14 at!
They also have black and navy, but who could pass up this color? Usually I would go for the more neutral color that I knew could go with pretty much everything... but lately I've been really trying to branch out! I would say this was branching out.
So howdy-do. add this to Darbey's wishlist!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Today I was Awksome.

Why hello there my friends. :)

Today I was awkward. But hey, that's alright kids. Cause ya know what?! I'm also quite awesome. How is that possible you might ask. Well let me explain.

I have joined The Daybook's Awkward and Awesome Thursday's! Please go and give her blog some love!! Every Thursday I will be posting up the awkard & awesome parts of my day. Hopefully you will find some laughs out of my awkward-ness & some enjoyment out of my awesome-ness.

So... let's do this.


1. Let me paint you a picture: Kansas Day Party. 2nd hour. I aide for my dad. We must start out with singing "Home on the Range" otherwise no one eats. My dad gladly pulls out his guitar... foot on chair...starts strumming. My poppy & me being the loudest ones in the room and no one else singing.. awkward. Good thing we're Maddens. And Madden's don't care about being awkward. Actually, we live for it!

2. Sitting at the lunch table by a girl who is quick to panic (name will remain anonymous. even though the chance of her seeing this small little blog of mine are quite slim...) and reaching across and knocking my milk all over her. Pants. hoodie. the works. Let me tell you people... this is an extremely awkward situation. In that you don't know whether to say "I'm so sorry!" or just run away. My mind told me to run away, crawl under a rock, and hide. But my body... yeah, I ended up apologizing multiple times, cleaning her up, and driving her home to a fresh pair of clothes awaiting her.

3. Accidently pulling out in front of someone. Now normally this wouldn't be too awkward of a situation. Ya know, if you get lucky enough for another 16 year old to be in that car who understands.. or even a 64 year old man who can't see... (they just drive and hope nobody's comin') But when you look to your right and see that it was the dad of the little boy you baby-sit for... awkward. Because now, he probably thinks that I am the most irresponsible teenager who shouldn't be looking after the well-being of his 6 year old. Luckily.. I waved. He smiled. Drive on Darbey!

4. Getting to the end of baskeball practice and someone looking at you and saying "Darbey, are your shorts on backwards?.." Open up the front and look in. "yup. sure are."


1. Ditching a cute outfit (pearls included) for a nice comfy jacket! :)

2. The food part of our Kansas Day Party! So! much! fooood!

3. Drinking pop for the first time in... a long time! I've missed you Dr. Pepper! No worries H20.. I'll be back tomorrow after my rebel behaviors of drinking caffeine have worn off.

3. Chicken Noodle Soup for lunch today! Potatoes, biscuit, & brownie?! score.

4. Getting a 92% on an "Ingle test" that had just been studied for... that morning. I am now slightly an expert on the beginning of World War 2. Just quiz me. :)

So you should probably come and join this whole reliving your awesome and awkward moments of the day thing. It's pretty Awksome.
Love, Darbey

Sunday, January 23, 2011

New button!

Just in case you haven't done so already.. or you still have my old button...

oh goodness. that is just way too fun to say.
I apologize.

So go over to the side and copy the html code into a gadget on your blog! :) I mean, it would just look way too cute on your blog.. so you have to!

And a message to all my new followers:
Hi there! and thank you for following!!
I love looking at your blogs and getting to know each one of you! Leave a comment if you'd like and leave some requests! What do you want to see from me & my hot bliggity blog?!

Love you guys!
Have a Happy Monday tomorrow!
I'm still hopin' for a snow day! ;)

Friday, January 21, 2011

Revlon Soft Nude Colorburst Lipstick. A review.

You knew it was on my wishlist. I had to break down and shell out the 5 bucks for this lipstick. (5 Bucks! Cheap-0!)

Revlon Soft Nude Colorburst Lipstick
Price: 5$
Found at: Drugstores
Comparable to: Mac Creme d' Nude Lipstick (cremesheen)

I LOVE the packaging! So classic and sleek!
I like the fact that it shows the color on the top of the lid! It's actually a really close match!!

I love that "Revlon" is inscribed in the lipstick itself! so cute!
Here's the swatch on my hand. It comes off a bit sheer but it can layer on very nicely.

I just love the look of a nude lip! As long as it doesn't make me look dead! This lipstick doesn't do that at all! It actually has a peach tint to it! It's very wearable. It glides on very smoothly. It's creamy without being too slimy where it's going to just slide off right away. It lasts a decent amount of time. Nothing too special lasting wise.

Darbey's Test:
Price: [5/5] Great price. Great Quality.
Assessablity: [5/5] Found at drugstores!
Packaging: [5/5] Cute and durable!!
Pay-off: [5/5] Sheer. But you are able to layer for more coverage.
Quantity: [5/5] Good sized lipstick that will last me a long time.

Kiss of Approval:

xoxo Darbey

I'm a rebel.

I felt rebellious today.

Not rebellious like.. rob a bank rebellious... but more like... Yeah, I'm wearing a leather jacket and biker boots rebellious! :) Cause who am I kidding? No one is going to be intimidated by little ole me. No one.
Let me give you a glimpse into my life as a not so rebellious.. rebel.

1. In chemistry class today... my teacher owned me. An example of an exothermic reaction (a mixture of ketchup, lemon juice, ranch, salt, & sugar) was displayed in front of me on a paper plate. After being urged to feel the "heat" that would "immediately follow the mixture" I, in awe, waved my hand over the paper plate.. SPLAT! yup. my hand smelt like the lunch room's trash can for quite a while. I took care of it with a LOT of hand sanitizer. A LOT. oh. and just so you know... it wasn't hot..

2. Our class went out to play in the snow for a bit. I, nicely watched as snow angels were made and snow balls were being thrown. Quietly minding my own business. SPLAT! Snow across the side of my face. Once again.. owned.
Thing to note: Just because they are small and nice.. doesn't mean they won't throw snow at you.

3. At basketball practice this afternoon I got a pleasant surprise. I had been out warming up for about 10 minutes when I felt something on my leg. No. I didn't have "to go". I'm not thaattttt embarassing! I looked down and there is a sock. A sock! It had been hiding in my practice jersey. Pretty sure NO ONE considered a sock falling out of my wardrobe was.. intimidating.
So here is me pretending to be a rebel.
(The flash made my top seem a weeee bit see-through! sorry! it's all just a part of my rebel facade.)
. Cross Earrings: Forever 21, Leather Jacket: Kohl's, Ruffled blouse: Wal-mart, Skinny Jeans: Gordman's?, Boots: Target
And yes. That is me blinking once again in photo #2.
So here's to being a rebel. ..or at least faking it!
Love Always,

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Want a cookie?

I did. As I was waiting for my substitute photographer (if you don't go and give her blog some love... I will personally throw you down in the snow.) jussst kidding. ..maybe. :) I wanted a cookie. So I got one. The cookie monster would be proud. Although, he got kicked off his show. Which I personally think.. is rediculous. The world needs cookies.

In other news... I'm late again. Hmm. shocker. Today is Thursday. I was supposed to post on Tuesday for the Color Brigade... I got busy, okay?! Stop giving me the stank eye..

So here we go!

Some last minute chewing..

Earrings: Forever21, Pearl Necklace: Mom's, Top: Charlotte Russe, Belt: ??, Skirt: Target, Boots: Jessica Simpson
So a couple things...
1. Please ignore the fact that my eyes are closed in half of these pictures. The snow didn't like me today.
2. I got in touch with my "rodeo" side of this outfit. I even went out and "milked" the cats.
They swarmed like chickens.
Yes. I was definitely on the farm today.
3.Don't forget to join the Color Brigade with Kileen!
- xoxo Darbey -
(Now go eat a cookie!!)

Sunday, January 16, 2011


Well girls.

I've came to a decision...
well.... kinda. Told you I wasn't a decisive person!

I've asked my momma and I've asked my Advisor Nanie Ann for their advice..
now it's your turn.

oh yikes.
It's like that part in the book where the momma bear has to choose between her two babies. Oh, you didn't read that book? My bad.

They are both my babies.

See the Beauty is my first born. I've watched it grow up and I've nurtured it along the way. It's been my place of ramble & the place that makes me feel better. And let's face it. Who doesn't like to See the Beauty?! I'm not good with change.. so it would feel like I've lost See the Beauty forever..

A Girl in Pearls is literally the baby of the family. She's the newborn... but that doesn't mean she doesn't get the same amount of love. I love the name! I love pearls! and I love the concept! And in case you were wondering... I can STILL See the Beauty... they'll just be in PEARL form now! Pearls can mean wisdom. So when I share my pearls.. I'll be sharing my wisdom! Let me translate. Darbey's Wisdom: When Darbey messes up... she learns.. and shares it with you!!.. because..I really don't have that much knowledge.. I just pretend and learn as I go! ;) A Girl in Pearls. She's new. She's cute. She's PINK!

So let's clarify:
I will not be changing blogs.
Same blog. Just a different name, header, and I won't be able to use the oh so famous Stop by and See the Beauty. I guess I could say.. Stop by and see the Girl in Pearls. But that would sound a little bit conceited now wouldn't it? Ha!

So as you can see...
I'm between a rock and a hard place.
Or I guess you could say..
I'm between Audrey Hepburn & a make-up compact. (Literally.)
(If you didn't catch my attempt at humor... refer to the picture above.)

So please please please be a doll and leave a comment down there in that little box and tell me whatcha think!

I would love to know!!


Love always,
Darbey Rhea (:

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Color Brigade #1!

Hello SaTUESday! :) Kileen @ Cute & Little started a project on her blog. It is called The Color Brigade! It's all about adding different colors to your outfits! :) Every Tuesday you link up your outfit to her blog! I'm a little late getting started but you are able to add your picture up until the next Tuesday sooo... I took advantage of that rule.

The colors I used are:
Black, Purple, & Leopard. (Prints count as 1 color!)

I also experimented with the belted scarf! I really like the way it turned out.

Black long-sleeved shirt - Target
Scarf - Gift
Belt - ?
Leopard Skirt - Forever21
Tights - Claire's
Boots - Target
Pearl Earrings - Gift
Pearl Ring - Forever21
LOVE, Darbey

DIY - New skirt!

This project is pretty self-explanatory.. but I thought I would show you anyways! :)
I have had this black Miley Cyrus dress for awhile now. It's been hanging in my closet because it is way too short.. even with leggings! So I brought out the scissors and got to snippin'!

So now I have a new skirt! I'm sure you will be seeing a lot of it here on my blog!
Until next time...

Friday, January 14, 2011

Can I get the Madden discount?..

Woah Baby. 129 buckaroos?! woweewowwow! I understand some things are an investment. But to this job-less 16 year old... no way Jose. Hey Steve... can I get the Madden discount?? :)

Darbey's Mission: To find similar a lower price!
Reason to buy: "Well theyyy have them..." Yes. I'm being a follower. But sometimes it's just too easy. Love, Ramsey, Cute & Little, and Kendi Everyday, and many more fashion bloggers all have these Steve Madden boots. You see in their daily posts how they throw these cute leather boots in almost every one of their outfits. I'm very observant. So I decided to do some research. They can be worn with jeans, leggings, skirts, dresses, stockings... They are just too cute and versatile!
So for now... I'll add these boots to my Wishlist! :)
I'll do some more research for a similar/cheaper pair!
I did you a favor. I took the initiative NOT to post any pictures of me and my sick self.. Believe me, I tried to get into a cute outfit and smile/sneeze for the camera but my PB&J smeared hoodie wouldn't let me go. What can I say? It's obsessed with me. So you're welcome.
(Too bad for the doctor... he got a full view of my... ensemble..)
Love Always,

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

It wouldn't be winter.. without a little cold.

I've been a little under the weather lately.
Sore throat.
Rough swallow.
Watery eyes.
Red eyes.
Runny nose.
with a side of...
sinus drainage.
The works.
The only thing is...
when I'm sick..
I don't look like this...
I.... look like this.
yup. that's me.
few years younger.
and a whole lot cuter.
it's me.

Unfortunately, I didn't receive the "perfectly done-up while sneezing in my crisp cut white hanky" gene.

..I take after my momma.
(no intention of politely covering my sickness with a dainty "achoo")

Oh yes...
I got it from my mama.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

What to do...

Suddenly I got an idea. But knowing me... I couldn't settle on how to.. go about this idea.

The idea is called:

A Girl in Pearls.

I acted on instinct. (wouldn't recommend it) and created this little darling.

The dilemma: WHAT in the WORLD do I do with it?!

I was thinking of using it as my fashion page.

oh, I just don't know what to do!

So... as I ponder and ponder...

I thought I would at least show you the picture! :)

Let's hope I begin to become more.... decisive?...

Thursday, January 6, 2011


You knew I couldn't JUST have a clothes wishlist...
So....Here's what I want make-up wise!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Grab my button!

Wanna See The Beauty??
Grab my button!!

Three easy steps! ::

1. Click that little follow button!
(Guaranteed smile on Darbey's face)
2. Copy code in sidebar into HTML gadget on your blog! :)
3. Smile!!

Okay, so Steps 1 & 3 are not completely necessary. Buuuuttt... they are strongly encouraged! :)

yes. I enjoy guilt trips.

xoxo -

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Tonight ladies and gents. okay.. Ladies.

Tonight. I will be talking about words.

They are frustrating little things.. ya know that?

I was thinking tonight about our words and what we say.

Our words can hurt.

Our words can mend.

Our words can be misunderstood.

Our words can be heard clear as day.

Our words can get us into trouble.

Our words can ask for forgiveness.

Our words can be used for bad.

Our words can be used for good.

Our words can deny Christ.

Our words can glorify and praise his dear name.

Our words can cut someone down.

Our words can esteem someone greater than ourselves.

Our words can show hate.

Our words can show love.

Our words can be said at the wrong time.

Our words can be said at the perfect time.

Our words can be jumbled and silly.

Our words can be intellectual and sophisticated.

Our words can lose us friends.

Our words can make us friends.

Our words can be be sharp and angry.

Our words can be kind and calm.

Our words can sometimes not be said. In fear that we might say the wrong thing.

Our words can be shouted to the mountaintops with no fear of the response.

Use your words for good. If you are blessed with the voice God gave you.. Use it. There is a time to speak. There is a time to keep silent. Our words are heard every day. They affect others' and our words are heard. Make your voice heard. Make an impact. You can regret words. (said or unsaid) "Why did I say that?!" vs. "Why didn't I say anything?!" You see, words sometimes get us into trouble. They leave a mark. They are imprinted in someone's mind. ...and stay there. You might say one thing... but someone else might hear something completely different. Words are written down in history. Words are forgiven. Your words to other's are left on this earth when you are long gone...

so make them mean something.
make them count.
make sure what you say...
doesn't bring other's down.

Because your words live forever.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Miracle Dress

One dress. 7 ways to wear it. (and counting!)

Everyone needs that little black dress.
I'm going to tweak that a bit.
Every one needs a "that dress".
This is mine.

I played dress up a couple of nights ago. Literally.
After going shopping at my favorite store, Forever 21..Cute & fashionable clothes without killing your budget! :)
I came home with some purchases with my giftcard I got from Christmas!..thanks Mom and Dad!
One just happened to be this little beauty..

As I was standing in the EXTERMELY long-day after Christmas Line (thankyou daddy!) I was thinking "Where am I going to wear this to?!" I knew I loved it. It fit me like a glove... it was sophisticated, classy, and adorable...but I just couldn't think of where I wanted to where it to...

Well, that night I experimented with my new remixing hobby. I probably came down stairs 10 times "modeling" my remixed outfits to my family. (They're pretty good at faking smiles and nodding.)

So here's some of those outifts captured with Momma's brand new Christmas present! :)

I am NOT in any way a model. Pretty sure the pictures will show it.. ha! Just keep your eyes focused on the clothes and we'll be fine!!

Outfit 1: Simple & classy: Throwing on a rockin' pair of heels can fix everything!
Belt: Forever 21 (Came with dress)
Black Bow Heels: Forever 21
Earrings: Thanks Mom!

Ring: Forever21
Nails: Rimmel Lasting Finish Pro -Marine Blue

Outfit 2: A walk in the park: Add a splash of color with a scarf! (the ends are just tucked down into the dress!..clever huh?!)
Scarf: Haley's!
Black Belt: Forever 21
Black Riding Boots: Target

Outfit 3: Sunday-Funday: This is a way I could wear the dress to church! :)
Black Zipper Jacket: Forever 21
Lace tights: Claire's

And without the jacket.....

Outfit 4: Boot Scootin' Boogie: Who said cowgirls couldn't be fashionable?
Necklace: Forever21
Ring: Forever21
Denim Vest: Parallel
Boots: Jessica Simpson's
(and No..I didn't receive them from her. :o))

She did WHAT?!
Oh yes...
She did.

She turned a dress into a shirt.
(Feel free to oohh and ahhh anytime!)

Fold the bottom half of the dress under and you have yourself a new shirt!
Outfit 5: Night out on the town: Comfy. So you can shop some MORE!
Earrings: Forever21
Ring: Forever21
Belt: Couldn't tell ya.. had it forever on an old shirt!
Beaded Jeans: Spencer Nicole's!

They thought I was done...
I wasn't.

A couple days later, I had an epiphany.
"I need a new skirt....AHA!...the dress!"

Outfit 6: Walk on the beach: I don't know.. the scandals and the navy stripes just screamed beach to me?..
Earrings: Haley's
Oversized quarter-sleeve top: Forever21
Scandals: Target
So that was tucked in to make a high-waisted skirt.
Here it is untucked.. (:
(Please ignore that annoying pile of trash in the corner. :P)
So there you have it!...My miracle dress! ah. Throw it on and remix away! :)
Special thanks to Mom & Hay for the pictures! :)
*So what was your favorite outfit?
*How would you style this dress?
xoxo- Darbey

Sunday, January 2, 2011

We're all about the lists.

So we've purged, huh?
Time to assess!

A look through the closet is just the thing.
to make more lists and lists!
The clothes are there, neatly they hang.
Now we'll be able to see all the outfits we've missed!

Yes. I just outburst in rhyme.
(A bad rhyme I may add)
I tend to do that a lot..
ya know.. outburst...

Assess: Evaluate or estimate the nature, ability, or quality of

List 1: The Need list: Items you need to make your closet complete, workable, and fabulous!
It's that pair of black trousers you grew out of and desperately need.
These are your needs. Not your wants. There is a difference.

List 2: The Want list: Once you are good, and mark off everything on your need list may you
"unlock" your want list. This is your "treat" list. Things you want but
don't necessarily need.

Here is a look into Darbey's Wishlist.
A mix between wants and needs! :)
Notice how everything can mix and match?!
It's all part of my new hobby...
(relaxed sighs are my new favorite thing)
So tell me...
What's on your list?
or two...
or three....