Friday, April 30, 2010

Easy Breezy Beautiful Madden Girl!! - Part 2

Delaney could be a model.

In my eyes she already is....buuuttt one day I know she will be on the other side of a much more professional camera than my little old Sony just wait! I chose some of my favorites from the photoshoot to share with you!! She knows exactly what to do... I'll just say "go over there" and out she whips a cute little pose :) The proof is all in the I'll just stop talking now :) ENJOY!

One of my favs!! ^^

Had to put this one in there!! Do you see the cute little bug?

This could be on a book cover!

Aunt Les, you made one BEAUTIFUL girl!

Then we pulled on some boots and down to the creek we went!

Checking to make sure the vine was sturdy turned high fashion pose :)

We had to take a break and have some fun! we swung on the vine across the creek!
What a blast!!

Okay, back to business!...

can you see the beauty?? ...I can!!

Have a beautiful, wonderful, and happy day!!
xoxo - Darbey

p.s. Hurry up Delaney and make a blog so we can put one of these pictures as your banner! :)
Oh, I'm getting so many ideas... :)
Have a favorite picture?? Let me know in the comments!!

Easy Breezy Beautiful Madden Girl!! - Part 1 (Easter)

Apology: ...forever right?! I have too many of these "I'm sorry!...I haven't blogged in sooo long!!" posts so I'll just get right into it! :)

WAAAYYYY back at the beginning of the month Delaney Ann and I had a photoshoot! It was Easter Sunday...such a beautiful and happy day. :) Why not whip out the camera right? First it started out with a few pictures in the backyard at the Madden Family Easter egg hunt! Multiple pictures of baby chicks, colorful eggs, and precious 'funny faces' of piercey later...we started the shoot! The lighting was just too great to pass up!

So here's some...okay..ALOT of pics from Easter before we get to the photoshoot...

I'm proud to claim him! :) "pierce make a funny face!" ....."funny face" "dats a good smile!!"

Uncle Randy getting his hands on some of the cutie pies :)

Baby B
Jenna Bear
(check out those Madden eyebrows!)


Some friends came to visit...

(see the baby chick in the basket?)

Run Chick Run!

Momma's always making friends with the animals...

I thought this was precious...

Piercey counting for hide & go seek :)
Reed, Pierce, and Delaney posing..

...yeah, I know they're cute...they get their looks from their older cousin ;)
The hunt begins!

Drake and Reed with their stash of eggs!

Love this one!! on pic to get a larger view so you can read it! :)

If you need a good laugh....
As Delaney and I were looking through pictures on the camera I felt something cold suddenly hit my foot..
I look down and little whipper snapper Reedy Bob thought he'd be sneaky and drop a load of ice on my foot.

Delaney: "Reed! you better run!"
Begin ice fight...

Great action shot right before I'm about to get nailed...

Now go check out Part 2 for the actual photoshoot! :) (Part 2 will be posted May 1st!!)

P.s - I have many more pics from Easter...if you want any copies sent to you or would like to see the rest just let me know!! :)