Sunday, December 26, 2010

Welcome back Darb!

Well hello there my blogging buddies! :)

Have ya missed me?!
I'm telling you... I just don't know what normal is anymore! ha! I've been a busy busy bee and boy am I glad to get back to BLOGGING! :)

I've got so much in store for my blog! (Hopefully I don't get too busy again and neglect my little beauty of a beauty blog) I plan to have different segments.. I'm now adding a fashion segment!! :) I will start the segment with this one line. "I may wear T-shirts...but I know fashion." ...I'll explain later!(:

I'll just fill this 'back to bloggin' blog with some Darbey chatter! (it's what I do best.)

Let's talk aboutttt.............

Everybody has it.
Everybody dreads it.

I've had my fair share of stress this year and the one thing I've learned is this:

Look it straight in the eye and roll right over it.
... fear, stress, worry, frustration..
all the things that make for some baddd back and shoulder aches.
Also the reason that I break out in face acne ("Darb, what's that?! What's that on your face Darb?!?") and the reason why I take large inhales with an even bigger puff of the cheeks exhale. (I get that from my Dad and it has now become a MAJOR part of my getting through the day.

I'm 16.
16 year olds should NOT be taking such large breaths of worry and stress.
ohhh, but that's just my life. :)

Don't you wish you could go back and be two years old again?
No stress. No committments. ahhh, Life is good.

Fastforward to your Junior year of High School.

Payments, college courses, teachers, teachers that don't want to be teaching those classes and even more, teaching a bunch of rambunctious teenagers, ACT, sports, practice, musical, night class, dance, cheer....oh man, the list could go on and on.

Junior year hits you like a ton of bricks. But I guess so does parenting, college, adulthood, and work. haha!

I will admit. I HAVE learned a lot about myself so far this year.

I've learned that I CAN get through the impossible.
I've learned that I CAN just say things like "oh well, it happens" and "No."
I've learned I can let things roll off my back and not worry so much. (I'm a worrier if you couldn't tell.)
I've learned that I CAN make a difference in other's life. Spiritually. and that makes me VERY happy. I've learned that if MY light for Jesus goes out.. how can I ever lead someone ELSE to Jesus?
I've learned that God is my best friend.
I've learned that the power of prayer is absolutely AMAZING. Not amazing like toe-socks and gel pens. But REAL amazing. Our God is an awesome God.
I've learned to accept things that I can not change and accept myself for who I am. ...after all, it's all I really can be.
I've learned to be happy with the things I've done and to not bring myself down.
I've learned to stop criticizing myself. ..stop the self conciousness and self doubting.
I've learned to embrace my flaws and use my abilities.
I've learned to not take myself too seriously.
I've learned that there is no way I can make memories with the family if I'm tucked away in my room on the computer. haha!
I've learned that even in your darkest times...there WILL be light in your tomorrows.
I've learned that God will never give you more than you can handle.
I've learned the importance of living for each day and making sure my friends and family know how much I love them.

friends, I could write a 500 page novel about my experiences this year. But who would really want to read that anyways?!

My point is..

Slow down.
take a breather.
Give your worries to the Lord.

I'll stop there for the night but don't you worry your pretty little head.
I'll be back. :)

-- Cyber hugs & kisses to all. --

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