Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Purge: To free from impurities, purify. Rid of sin, guilt, or defilement. To clear.

ahhh. (relaxed sigh)


The first step in taking...

and turning it into....

ah. The sweet promise of a good purge.

I've been inspired. Enter Kendi at KendiEverday. Oh, please do go and visit her and her cute little blog. It's simply adorable and I can't help but leave there feeling inspired, refreshed, and well, just plain happy. I've found that clothes make me happy. clothes. make-up. ya know.. anything girly. ;)

Anyways... She has steps to creating a workable closet. Workable meaning you can step into your closet (without feeling overwhelmed) and put pieces together and make many outfits that you know will work. Wouldn't that be nice, right?!

So far, she has listed the first two steps.

I have completed Step 1: Purge.

Step two is Assess. Which will hopefully be accomplished tomorrow! :)

Anyways.. (I use this intro alot, don't I?) I purged my closet 2 days ago. I have tried clearing out my closet before. and.. well... failed at it. I'm a "Hold onto it... what if I need it?... I mean, I haven't worn it in 2 years.. butt.. I might neeeeddd itttt!...and it's a keepsake!" type of girl. Yup. that's me. I'm working on it. I really am.
"Hello, my name is Darbey. and I have a minor hoarding problem."
Whew, glad I got that off my chest. :)

I found shoes, bags, tops, jackets... clothes I hadn't seen since my days in the good ole oMs! (kinda made me sad that I've grown out of my Limited Too & Justice years.) The old Darbey would have pulled the keepsake card. Either that or the I can still try to fit in it and make it work card. But no. As I said before.. I'm INSPIRED!

Enter trash bags. (scented I may add!)

Bye bye last decade go-go boots...two sizes too small camis... adidas sneakers I wore in the 4th grade... that adorable bedazzled jacket that I wore faithfully.. Adios! Bye Bye!

I DID IT! :)

After dragging the scented trash bags downstairs where Papa would soon trip over..ha! oh, I'm only joking. That's just something that WOULD happen. surprising it didn't.

Well after dragging them downstairs I went back to work organizing and cleaning my closet! Its so much better to look at now! :)

I encourage you to purge like there is no tomorrow! Stick with throwing it out!! You will feel so much better after it is G.O.N.E. You will be the new fashionista on the block. You might just find something you thought you lost years ago!

In the next step, you will be able to look through your newly cleaned closet and assess what outfits you can make and make lists of basic items that are now needed to complete your fabulous new closet!

We're on our way to becoming fashionable, girls. Purging one pair of holey toe-socks at a time. ;)

Disclaimer: No bodily purging of human insides were used in the making of this blog post.


  1. You crack me up you little fashionista!

    Love ya...
    Wanna start on my basement????
    Auntie Kisses

  2. Momma is so proud! When you get done with Auntie L....start on mine!

  3. So glad you like Kendi's blog!

    Here's another you might like: This Time Tomorrow

    <3 Boom