Sunday, June 13, 2010

I'm in the mood to blog!

I really don't have anything in particular to say...

I just want to talk.

Do you ever feel that way? I know my family thinks that about me. ;)

I could blog about the Wedding of the century! can bet your bottom dollar I will ASAP! I would blog about how beautiful the bride was...Really she's the prettiest bride I've ever seen! If she was a cheesecake cupcake...I would eat her right up!

Hey, speaking of cheesecake cupcakes....I could talk about the dessert buffet!! MMMmmmmmm :) Lemon Bars, Chocolate Covered Strawberries, Pies of all sorts, Auntie Terri's famous cookies, Cupcakes, Cheesecake...the list goes on! And the CAKE! OH THE CAKE! So good! The flowers on them...BEAUTIFUL!

I would also talk about the weather.

But then I might get depressed.

And a wedding is not about the weather.

It's about two love birds gazing in each others eyes thinking about no one else but each other and thinking nothing else but spending the rest of their lives with each other.

The weather does not make the wedding.

So I'm not going to talk about the weather.

I'm going to talk about how absolutely fantasticly G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S Stacey's Wedding was. Despite all of the "lemons". We had one good glass of "lemonade" by the end of the night!! :) Literally, we had some gooood lemonade!

I could talk about all the times I cried. Some for weather reasons. oops! I mean the "W" word reasons...But most were happy emotional tears. I think I get that from Auntie J... Daddy and Wacey Jo making their way down the aisle almost put me under. Then the vows. I went under. And the unity candle. Why must there be such gripping music?! The hugs to the mom and dads. TEARS. TEARS. TEARS. I think I cried the whole time.

I could talk about how extremely happy I am that Blakey is joining the fam! I feel like his family is a part of ours now and I LOVE IT!! :)

Speaking of family, I could talk about how I LOVE having family around. 4th of July, Long summer nights with homemade (not homade..or homaid hay hay) Ice-Cream, Vacations, Holidays, Crowded, overly hot occasions at Gma Ruthie's, and last but certainly not least...Pre-wedding week at the Madden's. I absolutely loved having everyone together gathered around the island sharing stories that have been told a million times, making memories that will be told in 10 years, laughing, talking, EATING! One big happy family! It's the best! I'm soo glad that we had family here this week..we're as close as can be!

I also could talk about how perfect Lacey and Blake are for each other. They were meant to be together and I am so thankful for the two of them!

So there are some tidbits about the BIG day!

I love you Blake & Boom Boom Maimer! ..oh! I mean Draper..I said Draper right?.. :)

May the next 50 years be as sweet as 6-12-10 :)


Auntie J!!! I miss you!!!!! I love having my Aunt Joycie around...she always livens the party, brings the tears, and is the BEST at calming my momma down. Whenever my mom is losing it.... "Go get Joyce." I loves loves loves her and my Unc Ed! :)) It's the best when they come to town!...Come back soon!!

I have THE best family!! I guess I'm leaning towards the emotional blog post tonight! hahaha
I have been blessed with the best grandparents, parents, bubbies and sissys, Aunties and Uncs, Cousins! I love each and every one of them!!!

You'd have to search a long while to find a family as good as mine!
cyber xoxox's to all my family!

Okay, well that was a very random posting. I had no idea what it was going to be about so I hope it didn't put you to sleep! Ever notice how much easier blogging is when you don't have any pictures to deal with?!

Before I go...I'll leave you with a little Beauty Bargain!!

For all of you neutral&natural make-up peeps out there..

Beauty Bargain math:
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YOU SAVE $44!!!!

Such a great deal considering all the hype about Kitten eyeshadow! It's one of the most talked about eyeshadows! You get 3 eyeshadows for less than the price of one!

I think I might just have to pick this up!

Talk to ya later my loves!