Tuesday, May 4, 2010

If you want the REAL story...

you should listen to Baby Lisa!
Taking a step away from make-up and hair we shall now discuss the...

Tale of the forgotten M.O.H2
and the
"brighter than this steering wheel" bride

Now, I'm sure you have heard many sides to this story but if you haven't noticed...I live with a family of compulsive liars and overexageraters who get the pleasure of making up things about me because I am.."BABY Lisa" babies of the family out there...a little help please!

You see...there is always that one child in the family who gets the honor of always messing things up...

I have grown quite fond of my job.

But in this ONE rare instance in ALL the times I am wrong in my life...I am right this one time and you betcha I'm going to milk it up while I can!!

Let's begin:

Momma left with the van to head on over and pick up Gma Ruthie, Gma Sharon, and Aunt Mickey...I was bellowed..cough. i mean. asked... by the lovely bride2B to ride along in MY truck to go get HAYBEE'S truck which was at lucky Groom2B's house...which bride2B was using that week. following?

So like the good little Baby Lisa I am....I quietly ride along in MY truck...
As we are driving I ask "Now what are we doing and where do I need to be going?" to which I hear... "You're going to drive your truck back home and park where you won't be in the way" I've got this!! My whole life I've dodged around not to get under foot for the fear of the wrath of older sister Haybee... :) (She really does love me!...She just took on the responsibility of letting me know what to do and when to do it!) So when we arrive at Blaker's house we switch positions and I say "Okay, I'm going HOME" .... "Okay. but be ready because I'm coming right behind you!"

This would be the point in the story at which I lose the bride.

Off to the house I go...but where oh where did Stacey go?! I pull up, get out, hurry up to the porch and plop down keeping an eye peeled for a silver truck to "take her on two" into the driveway.



Realize I miiighhhtt have to use the ladies room.


Legs crossed.


Okay! gotta go!

Run inside.

Do it quick.
...washed of course...

Ran outside.



Still no bride.

Call mom.

"Um mom...Lacey's still not here yet..." (15 minutes later)

"What? Where is she? We're done at grandma's...we're going to stop by...grandma needs you to buckle her up"

Gmas, Auntie, and Momma pull in

I get int the van and buckle.

Say goodbe.

Retake my place on the porch.




Look in purse.

See camera.

Pull out camera.

Look up for silver truck.

No truck.






Go inside.

Find bride2B's phone on table.
p.s- had been trying to call her! hm. no wonder she hadn't answered...

Sit by window.


Call mom again.

"Just wait awhile..."

Zach comes home.

Plops on couch.

Still sitting by window.

Wait another 10 minutes.

Call mom. Probably the 10th call.

They're in Ottawa.

Lacey is nowhere.

About 30 minutes have passed.

Mom: "well....is Zach there?"

Look at Zach.

Sprawled out in the chair looking exhausted trying to snooze.

"uhhh...." Mom: "Hand Zach the phone"

Zach: "What?! ugh. Lacey!! ok. ya. i'll take her. bye." ... "Let's go."

Jump in L.R.T (little red truck)

Hit the road.

Plan: Meet the van in Ottawa at the church and head to Lawrence for the shower!

Ride a while.

Listen to Zach sing.

Pull out camera.
Why not make the most of it?






It was such a beautiful day!

Ever heard the phrase when life gives you lemons...make lemonade!?

Well my lemon was being forgotten at home, having to bother 'bubby' after his long day at work, holding back Mom's caravan, and being 3 minutes late to the shower...
My lemonade: All of that mixed together resulted in a nice, peaceful ride with Bubby along the countryside on a beautiful day, and a camera full of memories!

So there you have it! The TRUE story! :)

oh! I almost forgot the best part of the story!!...
Zach summed up the whole thing perfectly as we were riding along:
"Lacey's about as bright as this here steering wheel."