Friday, April 30, 2010

Easy Breezy Beautiful Madden Girl!! - Part 2

Delaney could be a model.

In my eyes she already is....buuuttt one day I know she will be on the other side of a much more professional camera than my little old Sony just wait! I chose some of my favorites from the photoshoot to share with you!! She knows exactly what to do... I'll just say "go over there" and out she whips a cute little pose :) The proof is all in the I'll just stop talking now :) ENJOY!

One of my favs!! ^^

Had to put this one in there!! Do you see the cute little bug?

This could be on a book cover!

Aunt Les, you made one BEAUTIFUL girl!

Then we pulled on some boots and down to the creek we went!

Checking to make sure the vine was sturdy turned high fashion pose :)

We had to take a break and have some fun! we swung on the vine across the creek!
What a blast!!

Okay, back to business!...

can you see the beauty?? ...I can!!

Have a beautiful, wonderful, and happy day!!
xoxo - Darbey

p.s. Hurry up Delaney and make a blog so we can put one of these pictures as your banner! :)
Oh, I'm getting so many ideas... :)
Have a favorite picture?? Let me know in the comments!!


  1. Well, I lost my original comment so I'll start again. My favorites? the boat and stream walking. You are very good and you're right she is a natural in your lens. Nice Mosaic! How do you do that? Is it hard? Probably not for you, right? You are both very lovely and creative and you both make your Aunt Jammie proud. Oh my goodness!!! When I was your age I was shy, awkward and backward. You guys SHINE!!!!
    All my love and All God's grace Aunt Jammie!!!

  2. The mosaic wasn't hard to do at all!! I use two editing programs.. Macromedia Fireworks and Picnik ( For the mosaic i used fireworks but you CAN make a collage on picnik! :) I can give a tutorial sometime if you'd like!! Thank you for all the kind words!! I'm going to have to start looking for a nice camera like yours!

  3. Those were beautiful pics of Delaney...she looks so sweet and cute. Wouldn't it have been more fun with the boys in them???????? ;0)
    I'm so happy you two have each other. You are wonderful examples for others and God smiles when he sees you two having good ole fashioned girl fun.

  4. you are such a great photographer! it didn't hurt
    that you had such a beautiful model, though!

    i loved every single shot, but thought the first
    yellow shot with some black and white was very
    cool. how did you do that?

  5. Well thankyou!! I guess I found a hidden talent..who knows?
    For the yellow with the black I used :) I used a black and white effect and then used a brush that can erase the black and is so so simple and easy to do! I think I'll muster up some energy and do a full on editing tutorial! It's great to make your pictures look enhanced in color or maybe add some fun words on the picture ...the possibilities are endless! ...I sound like an annoying infomercial don't I?!
    Thank you SO much for stopping by!..It made my day :) Come back soon!

  6. Darbey,
    You are SUCH a WONDERFUL photographer! How does all that talent exist in such a teeny little ol body, darlin? I also love your edits-WOW! OK and now we all know how I feel about the model, so we'll just leave it at that. But can I say , I am one proud Auntie (and Momma).
    PB KISSES and PHOTO hugs!