Saturday, March 13, 2010

"Taylor, I'm gonna let you finish...but Darbey had the best look of all time!"

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I really like Taylor Swift...well okay, let me explain. Maybe I'm not such a fan of her dancing, or her live singing, and maybe I was a little jealous when she had a thing with Taylor Lautner. But aside from all that I really like how down to earth and humble she is. I get so sick and tired of seeing all of the celebrity drama and how fame gets to's nice to see someone who can be in the spotlight without changing who they are. And on top of all that she is beautiful! She has what i consider natural beauty...she might not be the supermodel type but just look at that hair! No one can have that hair out of a salon. She really is one of a kind. :)

One thing that is really unique about Taylor is her eyes! I once read in a magazine that in elementary and middle school she got made fun of for how small and squinty they are and even she admits that she always wanted to change them. But i honestly think they are lovely! (thanks for that one Aunt Jammie!) She also said that she doesn't mind them as much anymore and that she's comfortable with the way she is! ....So i wanted to really accent her eyes :)

Taylor's Make-up!

"Can you tell which one is smaller?" " This eye appears smaller because of the eyeliner"

To make your eyes appear bigger, use lighter shades around the inner corner of your eyes. But if you want to make your eyes appear smaller, use darker shades or apply a thicker line of eyeliner. What I did was apply a brown liner all over the lid and then I set it with a dark brown eyeshadow.

The other thing about her makeup in this picture is that her highlight under her brow bone is a sparkly orange/gold color which you really don't see that often. My picture doesn't show the true color that I have on but you get the point :)

And the last thing about Taylor's eyes... they are blue as the water in Turks and Caicos! So for you baby blues out there...use browns, oranges, and blues to make your blue eyes pop!

Taylor's hair!

Alright, so go ahead and bring out the curling irons! :)

What I used:
*Got2B Guardian Angel 425F Curl Iron Spray and gloss finish
*Hot Tools 3/4 in. spring curling iron <<(amazing!) * Clip to section off hair

Normally, when curling hair you just clip it in and roll it up..but that gives you more of a barrel curl... Taylor has very tight waves so this is what you do...

-section off first layer of hair with a clip

-spray in heat protectant (very important!)
-take a piece of hair (no bigger than an inch) and start near your roots.
-Basically all you're going to do is wrap your hair around the curling iron without using the..ummm, whats the word? The thing that you open up that holds the hair onto the iron? (someone needs to drink more crazy juice!) ;)
-you might want to use gloves for this part since you will be holding the end of your hair to the iron
-hold for 10-15 seconds
-let fall :)
-hairspray layer by layer!

*You'll be amazed at how different this curl looks from the well known barrel curl*

(I know that my curls don't look exactly like Taylor's but I tried!) =)

The Final Look:

The Beauty in this? Embrace your flaws! :) Nothing is more beautiful than a confident woman. To you, your flaw may seem irritating but to the person next to you...they don't even notice! If Taylor can accept her squinty eyes then "Nose, you stay right there..big and in all your glory!" ;)


  1. Okay, number 1...there is no way anyone could ever make your great big baby blues look smaller! Number 2...Your hair looks the same as her's. So I guess you're 50% or 1 for 2 but still I'm with you...I like Taylor Swift also.

  2. Darbo, You must really want to get ahold of your Mother and just work her over so let's play beauty shop !! You are so fun and I love all your observations.

  3. mom, you read my mind! :) beauty shop is the best!