Saturday, March 20, 2010

My beautiful Nanie Ann :)

Darbey Rhea
& Delaney Ann

Two peas in a pod some call us...Delaney, or naney as she's referred to around here, is my cousin and best friend. Sometimes I find that we are the same people...we think alike, we look alike, and ever since we were little we've dressed alike! And if ever you mistake us for each other or call us the wrong worries, we'll answer and won't try to correct you! ;) I could tell you every little fact about her and i betcha she could do the same with me. We can tell each other everything...she listens patiently as I ramble on and when I'm finally finished she's there to give great advice! We are as close as sisters...I don't have a little sister and she doesn't have a big sister so we like to pretend we are!

Delaney is an amazing young lady and I am not one bit concerned about her future. Well I AM concerned about pesky boys coming around soon...she's SO beautiful! She is so sweet (ignore those times she attempts to quiet down her little rascals (Drakey, Reedy Bob, and Spiderman...another blog for those cuties another time) and talented!..she's taking after Auntie J in the art department. And in the 2014 olympics...if you see the gold medalist who just succesfully completed a triple lutz..yeah, that's Delaney. She's working on her ice-skating (..just recently was the ONLY person in her class to move up a level...Big Cousin Darb is so proud!) and using her drawing skills to design her own ice-skating outfits! They're absolutely adorable!! Needless to say, she has alot going for her!

I admire Delaney so much and I hope she knows how much I love her! This girl can remember so many Bible stories it often reminds me to go back and brush up on my Bible knowledge...such a christian young lady! God has truly blessed me with a wonderful cousin! Love you Naney!

We love to play dress up at our's a few pics from when I did her hair and makeup a few months ago :)


  1. You two are the smartest and the cutest girls in your class or maybe even your school. Just ask Sweet Momma Ruth if you don't believe me. Seriously I adore both of you!
    auntie j

  2. Darbey Rhea, you are so sweet! I guarantee that the feeling is SOOOO mutual. You have been an inspiration and a wonderful role model for Naynie. How many times have her Daddy and I said how blessed we are that Naynie has someone like you! She is already dreading your going away to college!
    Love you and PBKISSES to you sweetie!

  3. Darb, You and Delaney are so sweet together and so good for each other...I wish I would have had a younger girl cousin. It's fun to watch you two together and you are really are a blessing to each other.