Tuesday, March 9, 2010

How about a high five for the '30s jive!

I absolutely LOVE the '30-'40 era! I love everything about it... the music, hair, style, the care-free attitude, the dancing, and as mom would say "the flavor" :)

Check out these pics from my latest dress-up! Think I would fit in okay?
P.S. - to get the full effect I added some background music to get you in the boogie mood...I know I did!! Enjoy!

(my inspiration!)


  1. You are awesome! How did you learn all of this? If you need help picking out clothes let me know because I know fashion.


  2. thanks lay lay :) ...even if you wear t-shirts...

  3. I can't over you! How in the world do you take pictures of yourself and look so Jumping/Jiving Good at the same time?