Sunday, February 14, 2010

Welcome! :)

...No need to run to the comments below because I know what you're thinking! ... crazy!! Don't think my obsession turns out looking like this on my face everyday at school...I think Mother Goose would have a heart attack if I walked out the door looking like this!!

Anyways, I helped out with the Middle School play and you know what that includes.....make-up! (which i was VERY excited about) On this blog I will be posting pictures of girls who are brave enough to be on the other side of Darbey's brush! Take a look at these crazy eyes!
The beauty in this?? Sometimes its good to let go and live a little!


  1. So pretty! How did you whip up this blog so fast? I am so impressed!

  2. Hookey,
    You are are so talented and so creative. You never cease to amaze me!! Love you, Mommy

  3. haha thanks mom and lay! :) It was so much fun making the banner and blogging is my new favorite!

  4. I made a comment and forgot to hit post so I'll try to recreate it....I am so impressed with your blog. Isn't fun? You have the gift, kiddo.
    You can turn a phrase like most people turn pancakes....sweet!!!
    Can't wait for your next post!
    auntie J

  5. thanks aunt joyce! :) i love's so much fun!

  6. Hey Darb! I loved looking at your blog. Do you think you could do my hair for lacey's wedding? I know you could do something realy cute with it.
    Naynie Ann

  7. :) of course!! i would love to!! sorry i just now saw your comment... we can take a practice run to see what hairstyle you like the best ...or maybe a few...we have to have SOME reason to have a slumber party... ;)