Sunday, February 21, 2010

Alice in Wonderland inspired Make-up tutorial

Everyone loves Alice in Wonderland! There is a new Alice in Wonderland movie...directed by Tim Burton that comes out this year. So I thought it would be fun to play dress is MY re-creation of Alice!

Step 1: Prime your eyes and then apply a white eyeliner to lid. This will help to keep your shadow on longer and the white eyeliner will
help keep the color vibrant!

Step 2: Take an electic blue color with a flat shader brush and pat directly onto your crease starting at the outer edge!

Step 3: Take a lighter silver/blue color and apply to the

semi-circle under the electric blue with that same brush.

Step 4: With a bigger brush, place a stark white shadow under the brow, from the crease up...since this is a dramatic look, don't worry if the color is too white! If you wanted to tone it down just use a lighter shade! :)

Step 5: Apply a dark navy blue color to your outer V to add dimension to the eye!

Step 6: Blend outer corner!Step 7: Apply electric blue color to lower lash line and the dark navy blue to the outer part of the lower lash line.

Step 8: Black eyeliner to lashline and water line!

Step 9: Two coats of mascara for long lashes...I used Covergirl Last Blast and Maybelline Full and Soft.

Step 10: Light pink blush to the apples of your cheeks and light pink lipstick!!

The Finished Look:

To buy the Urban Decay Book of Shadows-Alice in Wonderland: Click here!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Getting bang for your buck!

Department store makeup can get pretty pricey! Don't get me wrong, I'm not opposed to department store makeup such as Mac, Estee Lauder, Nars, Urban Decay,ect... High price but great quality!! But what if you could find a company that has equally as good quality but with a low price?! (drum roll please...)!! Coastal scents is an online store that sells unbelievably low priced cosmetics. There really is something for everyone on this site...from a 28 neutral palette for brides or those who like to stay on the neutral side when it comes to make-up to a crazy palette filled with 88 bright and shimmery colors!
There are specifically two palettes I wanted to share with you because I think you would be more interested in them rather than wild colors!
The 28 Neutral palette and the 88 Warm palette!
28 Neutral palette
88 Warm Palette

*Keep in Mind...If you were to get 28 Mac eyeshadows it would cost you $406...(oh! I think I just heard my wallet scream!) compared to $18.95!!
If you got 88 Mac eyeshadows (why would you do that in the first place?) it would cost you $1,276 compared to $24.95!
Now don't think I'm one of those annoying t.v. commercials but this is a great deal! See for are some videos links of some swatches (make-up term for what the colors look like on the skin) of the palettes! :)

28 Neutral palette swatches:
(Just a few pictures from the 88 palette!)
Go check out and see what great deals you can find!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Welcome! :)

...No need to run to the comments below because I know what you're thinking! ... crazy!! Don't think my obsession turns out looking like this on my face everyday at school...I think Mother Goose would have a heart attack if I walked out the door looking like this!!

Anyways, I helped out with the Middle School play and you know what that includes.....make-up! (which i was VERY excited about) On this blog I will be posting pictures of girls who are brave enough to be on the other side of Darbey's brush! Take a look at these crazy eyes!
The beauty in this?? Sometimes its good to let go and live a little!