Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Purge: To free from impurities, purify. Rid of sin, guilt, or defilement. To clear.

ahhh. (relaxed sigh)


The first step in taking...

and turning it into....

ah. The sweet promise of a good purge.

I've been inspired. Enter Kendi at KendiEverday. Oh, please do go and visit her and her cute little blog. It's simply adorable and I can't help but leave there feeling inspired, refreshed, and well, just plain happy. I've found that clothes make me happy. clothes. make-up. ya know.. anything girly. ;)

Anyways... She has steps to creating a workable closet. Workable meaning you can step into your closet (without feeling overwhelmed) and put pieces together and make many outfits that you know will work. Wouldn't that be nice, right?!

So far, she has listed the first two steps.

I have completed Step 1: Purge.

Step two is Assess. Which will hopefully be accomplished tomorrow! :)

Anyways.. (I use this intro alot, don't I?) I purged my closet 2 days ago. I have tried clearing out my closet before. and.. well... failed at it. I'm a "Hold onto it... what if I need it?... I mean, I haven't worn it in 2 years.. butt.. I might neeeeddd itttt!...and it's a keepsake!" type of girl. Yup. that's me. I'm working on it. I really am.
"Hello, my name is Darbey. and I have a minor hoarding problem."
Whew, glad I got that off my chest. :)

I found shoes, bags, tops, jackets... clothes I hadn't seen since my days in the good ole oMs! (kinda made me sad that I've grown out of my Limited Too & Justice years.) The old Darbey would have pulled the keepsake card. Either that or the I can still try to fit in it and make it work card. But no. As I said before.. I'm INSPIRED!

Enter trash bags. (scented I may add!)

Bye bye last decade go-go boots...two sizes too small camis... adidas sneakers I wore in the 4th grade... that adorable bedazzled jacket that I wore faithfully.. Adios! Bye Bye!

I DID IT! :)

After dragging the scented trash bags downstairs where Papa would soon trip over..ha! oh, I'm only joking. That's just something that WOULD happen. surprising it didn't.

Well after dragging them downstairs I went back to work organizing and cleaning my closet! Its so much better to look at now! :)

I encourage you to purge like there is no tomorrow! Stick with throwing it out!! You will feel so much better after it is G.O.N.E. You will be the new fashionista on the block. You might just find something you thought you lost years ago!

In the next step, you will be able to look through your newly cleaned closet and assess what outfits you can make and make lists of basic items that are now needed to complete your fabulous new closet!

We're on our way to becoming fashionable, girls. Purging one pair of holey toe-socks at a time. ;)

Disclaimer: No bodily purging of human insides were used in the making of this blog post.

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Welcome back Darb!

Well hello there my blogging buddies! :)

Have ya missed me?!
I'm telling you... I just don't know what normal is anymore! ha! I've been a busy busy bee and boy am I glad to get back to BLOGGING! :)

I've got so much in store for my blog! (Hopefully I don't get too busy again and neglect my little beauty of a beauty blog) I plan to have different segments.. I'm now adding a fashion segment!! :) I will start the segment with this one line. "I may wear T-shirts...but I know fashion." ...I'll explain later!(:

I'll just fill this 'back to bloggin' blog with some Darbey chatter! (it's what I do best.)

Let's talk aboutttt.............

Everybody has it.
Everybody dreads it.

I've had my fair share of stress this year and the one thing I've learned is this:

Look it straight in the eye and roll right over it.
... fear, stress, worry, frustration..
all the things that make for some baddd back and shoulder aches.
Also the reason that I break out in face acne ("Darb, what's that?! What's that on your face Darb?!?") and the reason why I take large inhales with an even bigger puff of the cheeks exhale. (I get that from my Dad and it has now become a MAJOR part of my getting through the day.

I'm 16.
16 year olds should NOT be taking such large breaths of worry and stress.
ohhh, but that's just my life. :)

Don't you wish you could go back and be two years old again?
No stress. No committments. ahhh, Life is good.

Fastforward to your Junior year of High School.

Payments, college courses, teachers, teachers that don't want to be teaching those classes and even more, teaching a bunch of rambunctious teenagers, ACT, sports, practice, musical, night class, dance, cheer....oh man, the list could go on and on.

Junior year hits you like a ton of bricks. But I guess so does parenting, college, adulthood, and work. haha!

I will admit. I HAVE learned a lot about myself so far this year.

I've learned that I CAN get through the impossible.
I've learned that I CAN just say things like "oh well, it happens" and "No."
I've learned I can let things roll off my back and not worry so much. (I'm a worrier if you couldn't tell.)
I've learned that I CAN make a difference in other's life. Spiritually. and that makes me VERY happy. I've learned that if MY light for Jesus goes out.. how can I ever lead someone ELSE to Jesus?
I've learned that God is my best friend.
I've learned that the power of prayer is absolutely AMAZING. Not amazing like toe-socks and gel pens. But REAL amazing. Our God is an awesome God.
I've learned to accept things that I can not change and accept myself for who I am. ...after all, it's all I really can be.
I've learned to be happy with the things I've done and to not bring myself down.
I've learned to stop criticizing myself. ..stop the self conciousness and self doubting.
I've learned to embrace my flaws and use my abilities.
I've learned to not take myself too seriously.
I've learned that there is no way I can make memories with the family if I'm tucked away in my room on the computer. haha!
I've learned that even in your darkest times...there WILL be light in your tomorrows.
I've learned that God will never give you more than you can handle.
I've learned the importance of living for each day and making sure my friends and family know how much I love them.

friends, I could write a 500 page novel about my experiences this year. But who would really want to read that anyways?!

My point is..

Slow down.
take a breather.
Give your worries to the Lord.

I'll stop there for the night but don't you worry your pretty little head.
I'll be back. :)

-- Cyber hugs & kisses to all. --

Saturday, August 28, 2010


I came across this picture one day and fell in L.O.V.E with the eye makeup! Absolutely gorgeous with the most random color combination! You have a dark bronze, green, dark blue, pink, black...but yet it works together beautifully!

So I thought I would give it a shot at recreating the look! Of course, I wouldn't wear this on a regular day but it's sure fun to play around and see what you can do! :)

xoxo -darbey rhea

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

August Favorites!

For those of you. Okay, all of my followers (a.k.a my family) who don't know what an August Favorites..or a May Favorites..or insert month of choice. is... It's where at the end of the month you review what products you really used that month and products that you just LOVED! :) Sometimes you'll repeat some and sometimes you might throw in something wacky like "my new cell phone!" It's totally in your control of which way you want to go with it! :)

So here are my Favorites for the month of August!

Mac Goldmine Eyeshadow: "Intense gold with shimmer" -Frost
I have found myself reaching for this color just about EVERYDAY this month! It's a great color for blue eyes because golds really make blue eyes pop! I can use this with just about every color combination and it brightens up my eyes like that! I have gotten so many comments on how blue my eyes look at school! Thankyou Goldmine eyeshadow! :)

L'oreal Extra-Intense Liquid Pencil Liner (Black): Love Love LOVE this!!! I had already had the Liquid version of this eye pencil and loved it! I saw this in the store and thought I might as well try it out! I applied it onto my lowerlash line and waterline.. and BAM! I was hooked! It glided on SO well! It was true to its black color and it stays for a decent amount of time.. It doesn't stay as long on the waterline though.. I'm not quite sure if it's waterline safe or not? But overall. My new favorite eyeliner!

L'oreal Waterproof Voluminous Mascara (Black): Sister Haley introduced me to this! I "borrowed" hers for some days when I was running out of mascara and I loved it so much... I got my own! The only difference: mine is waterproof! I really liked everything about this mascara.. the brush, the color, no clumping!, full effect!, length! I think L'oreal has some of the best reviewed mascaras!

NYC Blushable Creme Stick (Plaza Pink): I really wanted a creme blush.. 1. For a good base under my powder blush 2. More pigmentation! I heard good things about the Maybelline ones but I also heard about the NYC creme stick. I was walking through a store that carries NYC and thought I better get it now! So I did and luckily it works great! It seems a little sheer when swatched but when you apply it to the face it's pretty easy to layer on the color! AND! IT IS SUPER BLENDABLE!!!!!!!! Blends out so well :) Just like butter! wait. did that make sense? ha! I've been wearing this everyday under a pretty coral powder blush!

Revlon Matte Lipstick (Pink Pout): So Creamy! Such a pretty color! I love these lipsticks! I love that they are a matte finish and I love how creamy they are on the lips! It's such a pretty color that looks great with smokey eyes!! :) This reminds me of the pink Mac shades! The black packaging and everything!

Victoria Secret Beauty Rush Lipgloss (Slice of Heaven): Gorgeous light pink shade that looks great over a nude lip! The first time I applied it, it felt a little sticky. But now, it seems more smooth and creamy which is great! And the bonus? The smell! First of all, the name just sounds great! The smell...smells like yummy marshmallows! :)) delicious!

Flirt Limited Edition Eyeshadow Set: These two colors out of the 40 that are in the box set, to me, can be duped with (left)Amber Lights and (Right)Satin Taupe from Mac. The orange/bronze color is great for blue eyes! and the grey/brown color is great in the crease! ALL of the colors in this set are beautiful..I just had used these lately! Maybe I'll do a review on the palette some day! (You can buy Flirt Cosmetics at Kohl's!)
I have searched long and hard for a deep dark matte brown eyeshadow. I had no luck. When I went by the Mac counter, NO color swatched to the color I was looking for! I looked in my eyeshadow drawer and just wasn't having any luck! I had overlooked my good ole' Flirt palette! I totally forgot about this shadow in the box.. It's beautiful! Dark, matte, pigmented, blendable, creamy! Everything I was looking for! It is absolutely perfect to darken up your outer V!

Revlon Colorstay Liquid Foundation for Combination/Oily Skin (Medium Beige): My baby. I love this foundation! If you need a good liquid foundation that is going to cover your face imperfections (acne, redness, discoloration..) with great coverage.. Try this! Mine is for combination/oily skin because I get oily in my T-zone. But there are also different ones for different skin types. It just makes my face look flawless! (on a good day that is! ha!) If you're scared of liquid foundation.. Don't be! This makes me look evened out without looking cakey and like I packed on 2 bottles of foundation. It's light enough for comfort but gets the job done! And it doesn't break me out!.score! :) Awesome foundation! p.s. I also love the smell of this!! (I buff this out with a pressed powder just so it blends in to my skin better!)

Garnier Fructis Leave-in conditioning cream Sleek & Shine: It never fails that I get out of the shower and my hair is stringy and dry and just UGH! I shampoo. I condition. I comb. But still, I can't seem to get soft and healthy hair. Given I have long hair. Haley always has the stuff I need! I've been using this for a while now every time I get out of the shower and just like that my hair is lovely! A dime sized pump of this leave-in conditioner is really all I need! Just comb through your hair a little bit (careful not to rip through your hair!) and then massage this on your ends, scalp, crown, EVERYWHERE! :) It smells like apples!! And do you want to know what the best thing about it is?! It never makes my hair greasy or oily! Somedays I'll even use a little more and it just always gives me the perfect amount of "silky smooth"..without the grease! ;) It's absolutely fantastic and I can really see the difference in my hair! Yay for leave-in conditioner!!

Pantene Style Volume Root lifter gel: I love when I discover things and I'm not even trying to! I was down at the good old Dollar Store picking up...oh, I don't even remember! and I passed by the clearance rack! Well, the bargainer in me came out and I was scanning the shelves! This sucker popped out at me and for 3 buckaroos.. Why not?! It is a root lifter to give you more volume! Just what I need!!..(did I mention my hair was lifeless and limp?) Well not anymore!!! I parted my hair. Sprayed a few pumps and my roots. Massaged it in. and Voila! I could already see and feel the results. Now, this isn't going to give you a major 80's volumized fro all by itself. But it does do a nice job of giving my hair some oomph! When I sprayed it in...it kinda had a sticky hairspray feel to it..PERFECT for teasing! So my new teasing system consists of this. Spray in root lifter on sectioned pieces. Tease with comb. Hairspray! :) Works like a charm! :))

Well there it was. My first ever favorites! :)
Thanks for reading!
xoxo - darbey
Have a BEAUTY-ful day!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

I'm in the mood to blog!

I really don't have anything in particular to say...

I just want to talk.

Do you ever feel that way? I know my family thinks that about me. ;)

I could blog about the Wedding of the century! Which...you can bet your bottom dollar I will ASAP! I would blog about how beautiful the bride was...Really she's the prettiest bride I've ever seen! If she was a cheesecake cupcake...I would eat her right up!

Hey, speaking of cheesecake cupcakes....I could talk about the dessert buffet!! MMMmmmmmm :) Lemon Bars, Chocolate Covered Strawberries, Pies of all sorts, Auntie Terri's famous cookies, Cupcakes, Cheesecake...the list goes on! And the CAKE! OH THE CAKE! So good! The flowers on them...BEAUTIFUL!

I would also talk about the weather.

But then I might get depressed.

And a wedding is not about the weather.

It's about two love birds gazing in each others eyes thinking about no one else but each other and thinking nothing else but spending the rest of their lives with each other.

The weather does not make the wedding.

So I'm not going to talk about the weather.

I'm going to talk about how absolutely fantasticly G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S Stacey's Wedding was. Despite all of the "lemons". We had one good glass of "lemonade" by the end of the night!! :) Literally, we had some gooood lemonade!

I could talk about all the times I cried. Some for weather reasons. oops! I mean the "W" word reasons...But most were happy emotional tears. I think I get that from Auntie J... Daddy and Wacey Jo making their way down the aisle almost put me under. Then the vows. I went under. And the unity candle. Why must there be such gripping music?! The hugs to the mom and dads. TEARS. TEARS. TEARS. I think I cried the whole time.

I could talk about how extremely happy I am that Blakey is joining the fam! I feel like his family is a part of ours now and I LOVE IT!! :)

Speaking of family, I could talk about how I LOVE having family around. 4th of July, Long summer nights with homemade (not homade..or homaid hay hay) Ice-Cream, Vacations, Holidays, Crowded, overly hot occasions at Gma Ruthie's, and last but certainly not least...Pre-wedding week at the Madden's. I absolutely loved having everyone together gathered around the island sharing stories that have been told a million times, making memories that will be told in 10 years, laughing, talking, EATING! One big happy family! It's the best! I'm soo glad that we had family here this week..we're as close as can be!

I also could talk about how perfect Lacey and Blake are for each other. They were meant to be together and I am so thankful for the two of them!

So there are some tidbits about the BIG day!

I love you Blake & Boom Boom Maimer! ..oh! I mean Draper..I said Draper right?.. :)

May the next 50 years be as sweet as 6-12-10 :)


Auntie J!!! I miss you!!!!! I love having my Aunt Joycie around...she always livens the party, brings the tears, and is the BEST at calming my momma down. Whenever my mom is losing it.... "Go get Joyce." I loves loves loves her and my Unc Ed! :)) It's the best when they come to town!...Come back soon!!

I have THE best family!! I guess I'm leaning towards the emotional blog post tonight! hahaha
I have been blessed with the best grandparents, parents, bubbies and sissys, Aunties and Uncs, Cousins! I love each and every one of them!!!

You'd have to search a long while to find a family as good as mine!
cyber xoxox's to all my family!

Okay, well that was a very random posting. I had no idea what it was going to be about so I hope it didn't put you to sleep! Ever notice how much easier blogging is when you don't have any pictures to deal with?!

Before I go...I'll leave you with a little Beauty Bargain!!

For all of you neutral&natural make-up peeps out there..

Beauty Bargain math:
One eyeshadow pan from Stila Cosmetics: $18

STILA IT GIRL PALETTE --- 3 eyeshadow pans in one compact place: $10!

YOU SAVE $44!!!!

Such a great deal considering all the hype about Kitten eyeshadow! It's one of the most talked about eyeshadows! You get 3 eyeshadows for less than the price of one!

I think I might just have to pick this up!

Talk to ya later my loves!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

If you want the REAL story...

you should listen to Baby Lisa!
Taking a step away from make-up and hair we shall now discuss the...

Tale of the forgotten M.O.H2
and the
"brighter than this steering wheel" bride

Now, I'm sure you have heard many sides to this story but if you haven't noticed...I live with a family of compulsive liars and overexageraters who get the pleasure of making up things about me because I am.."BABY Lisa" babies of the family out there...a little help please!

You see...there is always that one child in the family who gets the honor of always messing things up...

I have grown quite fond of my job.

But in this ONE rare instance in ALL the times I am wrong in my life...I am right this one time and you betcha I'm going to milk it up while I can!!

Let's begin:

Momma left with the van to head on over and pick up Gma Ruthie, Gma Sharon, and Aunt Mickey...I was bellowed..cough. i mean. asked... by the lovely bride2B to ride along in MY truck to go get HAYBEE'S truck which was at lucky Groom2B's house...which bride2B was using that week. following?

So like the good little Baby Lisa I am....I quietly ride along in MY truck...
As we are driving I ask "Now what are we doing and where do I need to be going?" to which I hear... "You're going to drive your truck back home and park where you won't be in the way" I've got this!! My whole life I've dodged around not to get under foot for the fear of the wrath of older sister Haybee... :) (She really does love me!...She just took on the responsibility of letting me know what to do and when to do it!) So when we arrive at Blaker's house we switch positions and I say "Okay, I'm going HOME" .... "Okay. but be ready because I'm coming right behind you!"

This would be the point in the story at which I lose the bride.

Off to the house I go...but where oh where did Stacey go?! I pull up, get out, hurry up to the porch and plop down keeping an eye peeled for a silver truck to "take her on two" into the driveway.



Realize I miiighhhtt have to use the ladies room.


Legs crossed.


Okay! gotta go!

Run inside.

Do it quick.
...washed of course...

Ran outside.



Still no bride.

Call mom.

"Um mom...Lacey's still not here yet..." (15 minutes later)

"What? Where is she? We're done at grandma's...we're going to stop by...grandma needs you to buckle her up"

Gmas, Auntie, and Momma pull in

I get int the van and buckle.

Say goodbe.

Retake my place on the porch.




Look in purse.

See camera.

Pull out camera.

Look up for silver truck.

No truck.






Go inside.

Find bride2B's phone on table.
p.s- had been trying to call her! hm. no wonder she hadn't answered...

Sit by window.


Call mom again.

"Just wait awhile..."

Zach comes home.

Plops on couch.

Still sitting by window.

Wait another 10 minutes.

Call mom. Probably the 10th call.

They're in Ottawa.

Lacey is nowhere.

About 30 minutes have passed.

Mom: "well....is Zach there?"

Look at Zach.

Sprawled out in the chair looking exhausted trying to snooze.

"uhhh...." Mom: "Hand Zach the phone"

Zach: "What?! ugh. Lacey!! ok. ya. i'll take her. bye." ... "Let's go."

Jump in L.R.T (little red truck)

Hit the road.

Plan: Meet the van in Ottawa at the church and head to Lawrence for the shower!

Ride a while.

Listen to Zach sing.

Pull out camera.
Why not make the most of it?






It was such a beautiful day!

Ever heard the phrase when life gives you lemons...make lemonade!?

Well my lemon was being forgotten at home, having to bother 'bubby' after his long day at work, holding back Mom's caravan, and being 3 minutes late to the shower...
My lemonade: All of that mixed together resulted in a nice, peaceful ride with Bubby along the countryside on a beautiful day, and a camera full of memories!

So there you have it! The TRUE story! :)

oh! I almost forgot the best part of the story!!...
Zach summed up the whole thing perfectly as we were riding along:
"Lacey's about as bright as this here steering wheel."

Friday, April 30, 2010

Easy Breezy Beautiful Madden Girl!! - Part 2

Delaney could be a model.

In my eyes she already is....buuuttt one day I know she will be on the other side of a much more professional camera than my little old Sony Cybershot..you just wait! I chose some of my favorites from the photoshoot to share with you!! She knows exactly what to do... I'll just say "go over there" and out she whips a cute little pose :) The proof is all in the pictures...so I'll just stop talking now :) ENJOY!

One of my favs!! ^^

Had to put this one in there!! Do you see the cute little bug?

This could be on a book cover!

Aunt Les, you made one BEAUTIFUL girl!

Then we pulled on some boots and down to the creek we went!

Checking to make sure the vine was sturdy turned high fashion pose :)

We had to take a break and have some fun!...so we swung on the vine across the creek!
What a blast!!

Okay, back to business!...

can you see the beauty?? ...I can!!

Have a beautiful, wonderful, and happy day!!
xoxo - Darbey

p.s. Hurry up Delaney and make a blog so we can put one of these pictures as your banner! :)
Oh, I'm getting so many ideas... :)
Have a favorite picture?? Let me know in the comments!!